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D.I.Y Macrame Gift Ribbons - Square Knot Net

December 05, 2017
D.I.Y Macrame Gift Ribbons - Square Knot Net

Welcome to Part 2 of 3 in our series of articles on how to make D.I.Y Macrame Gift Ribbons

This is the second tutorial which follows on from our lesson on how to make The Nautical Knot. The Square Knot Net is our favourite macrame style ribbon as it allows for a lot of creativity and experimentation with the designs.

It's quite therapeutic to make this one as you really get into the zone once you start. There's nothing better than switching off and focusing your mind to use utilise your hands to make something of beauty. You will love this one!


Square Knot Net

Skill level: Beginner

What you’ll need:

  • Rope
  • Scissors
  • Creativity

Step 1

Place a length of rope around the top of the present and secure this in place with some sticky tape or tie it tight enough so it stays.


Step 2

Depending on the width of the area you’re working with, you’ll need at least 4 lengths of rope on each side of the present you wish you decorate. Ensure that the amount you want to work with is in multiples of 4. With this present, we’re working 6 lengths of rope on each side (12 in total). The skinner the present, the easier!

To measure the length of rope that is hanging vertically down, measure the present in the same length plus 10% and then double this over. This will help create the flowy overhang.

Or you can have it shorter if you don’t want to have them hanging too long!


Step 3

We’ll be attaching these vertical strands of rope with a Lark heads knot - keep in mind there is no back or front to this knot, so try to keep the design consistent by tying it all the same way.

Take the length of vertical strand, fold it in half. Where the midpoint is, place this section under the secure rope and feed through the end of rope through the loop and tighten.

Continue this for all your vertical strands of rope.


Step 4

Divide the strands of rope so that each section has 4 individual strands. We’re going to have two outer strands and two middle strands.

Step 5

The outer strand to the left, you want to create similar to a figure 4 shape.

Step 6

The outer strand on the right, you want to place this on top of the horizontal section.


Step 7

Feed that outer strand on the right, under the middle strands and pull through. You’ve now have half of the square knot - Halfway there!

Step 8

Hold the middle strands and pull the knot up. Leaving a little gap between the larks head and this knot.


Step 9

Repeat creating the figure 4, but now it’s flipped to the other side. Create a figure 4 with the outer strand to the right. Bring the left outer strand over the horizontal section, and feed it under the middle strands. Pull through to complete the knot and tighten by pulling on the strands.


Step 10

Move onto the next section of 4 strands and repeat the square knot.

Step 11

Now for the second row. Grab 2 lots of 4 strands, essentially the 8 strands that are neighbours. You want to locate the middle 4 strands. You now have your new two middle strands, and two outer strands. Yes, you will have 2 strands left out on the side, we’ll get to those later.

Step 12

Continue your second row of square knots. When you encounter a corner, don’t worry! Keep on knotting.


Step 13

Third row. Those 2 strands you had left over from your second row, you’ll pull them back in so that they become your 4 strands of rope to start a square knot.

Step 14

Repeat until you’re happy with the pattern you’ve created.

This is another example I have done where I’ve chosen to create a waterfall type of pattern. I’ve completed the square knots on the outside, worked my way in and left them incomplete as I worked down each new row.


We hope you found this article helpful. We would like to thank our very own Bee Nguyen who is the creator and maker of these wonderful macrame designs.

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