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Alisa & Lysandra, Luxurious Living Room Style

February 16, 2015
 Alisa & Lysandra, Luxurious Living Room Style

Although welcoming and warm, this luxe lounge room does have a sophisticated element to it. It’s a classy space that manages to seamlessly marry myriad textures, colours and prints.

Alisa and Lysandra demonstrate here the harmony that comes with creating an anchor element, such as the purple hues that can be found here in the painting, rug, and some of the cushions. This continuity of colour allows the room to successfully introduce so many other elements without it all becoming too much for the eye.


We see also the beauty in detail – how thoughtful clusters of objects come together and inject a real sense of personality and individuality to the space.


Take your shoes off, feel the lushness of the rug under your feet, and pop yourself on this elegant couch as we take a look at the luxe lounge room.