Luxe to Less Bathroom Essentials

October 15, 2015
Luxe to Less Bathroom Essentials

If you're renovating your bathroom and budget is a consideration, never fear. We have compiled eight essential bathroom items, all offering luxe to less price points, so you'll be sure to be able to find the perfect solution for your bathroom makeover.

Bathroom Tapware

Bathroom Taps are a streamline solution for any bathroom, en-suite or powder room. Available in a variety of styles, sizes, designs and colours, there is a solution for any interior style and budget.

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Above Counter Basins

Above Counter Basins sit impressively on top of a bathroom vanity or bench-top and can create a focal point to your interior. Trending currently are curvaceous lines and contemporary styles.

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Copper Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights can bring warmth and character to a bathroom. Typically installed for ambient lighting they can however assist with task lighting if placed with thought and consideration at the bathroom vanity. Copper pendant lights continue to be a very popular inclusion as a focal point to a bathroom.

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Bathroom Laundry Solutions

Bathroom laundry can quickly build up in your space and if you don't have the right storage solution, it can make your bathroom appear very cluttered. Popular solutions currently include weaved baskets with a pop of colour to add flair and interest to the space. Who said dirty washing has to be boring!

Soap Holders

When it comes to selecting your bathroom soap holder, don't underestimate the impact your bathroom accessories can have on achieving your overall look and feel to the interior. They may seem like small items but, as a set they can add the perfect finishing touches to complete your design style.

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Bathroom Mirrors

The shape, size and style of a mirror can change the entire feel of a bathroom. Positioned correctly, mirrors can make smaller bathrooms feel larger, and can reflect light to brighten up your space. Make sure you consider the height of the mirror if you have a family so that everyone (even the children) can enjoy their reflections!

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Bathroom Fragrance

There's nothing better than walking into a bathroom and smelling a lovely inviting clean scent. Be it via a candle, a diffuser or a room spray - having a bathroom essence in your design will be a most welcome addition. Always remember however, never leave a flame burning when leaving a room.

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Baths and Showers

The decision between a bath and shower can be tricky, and those lucky enough to have lots of space in their bathroom can have both. If you're short on a space however you'll need to think about which option you and the other people in your house would prefer. A bath is a great way to relax after a long day at work, but can be impractical for those needing a quick rinse.

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