Luxe To Less Bathroom Vanities 

January 29, 2015
Luxe To Less Bathroom Vanities

No matter what your budget, when it comes to your bathroom renovation it's safe to say we all want to achieve the same result. Ideally, we would like to end up with a bathroom that we love to use multiple times a day, functions beautifully and doesn't break the budget. With considered planning, thoughtful design and setting yourself a realistic budget (with some surplus for any unexpected surprises), then there's no reason why you can't achieve that dream bathroom. To help you along this process, we've selected four bathroom vanity categories that hopefully appeal to not only different style bathroom designs and sizes, but most importantly budgets.

White Wall Hung Bathroom Vanities with Single Inset Basin

The perfect solution for a small bathroom design, these white wall hung bathroom vanity units with single inset basins work well in tight spaces. Given the wall hung installation, they help create the illusion of more space within the bathroom.

Black Single Basin Bathroom Vanities

These black single basin bathroom vanity units are ideal for bathrooms where size may be a consideration and for those that are after a statement, focal piece.

Double Basin Bathroom Vanities

Double basin bathroom vanity units are for those bathroom renovations where space is not a consideration. Perfect as a 'his and hers' solution, or, for a family where bathroom time is a busy part of the day!

Timber Look Bathroom Vanities

For a bathroom renovation that is embracing a natural, clean, minimal look, a timber or timber look bathroom vanity unit makes for a lovely addition. Be it freestanding or wall hung, the timber finish will add an element of warmth and bring a touch of the outdoors inside.

What ever your style or budget, we hope these luxe to less bathroom vanity units have helped inspire your bathroom renovation design and planning.

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