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A Window Into Luumo Design

April 14, 2016
A Window Into Luumo Design

Luumo Design is an online and boutique store based in Sydney that sells carefully curated homewares, furniture and lifestyle products. With roots firmly in Scandinavian design, they also source unique beautiful products from all around the globe, that are both practical in form and function.

Luumo means "marketplace" a place you can come, browse and purchase new nordic designed products. Luumo is the brain child of a husband and wife duo who share a love of Scandinavian design. Giorgio's has a background in Interior Designer and he is from Rome and Claire's from a finance background and a mother of two with Danish ancestry.

Giorgio and Claire want the designs to speak for themselves and they look to source objects you have around the home that give you that feel good factor, whether it's a serving plate, a kitchen brush or a fresh crisp linen bed sheet. They believe the world is complicated enough without adding to it, and by keeping the interior of your home organised, simple and functional it allows you to relax and enjoy your home.

We had the pleasure to talk to Claire from Luumo Design and share their story.

luumo store giorgio claire

What inspired you to start Luumo?

Both Giorgio and I share a passion for Scandinavian design and homewares due to its simplicity and effortlessly stylish look. We have always enjoyed sourcing unique items for our home, and thought we could bring the designers whose work we really appreciate together. We started online about eighteen months ago and had always wanted to open our own store, but it was all about timing. Last year things fell into place, we found a beautiful little heritage-listed shop that we fell in love within a great homeware hub in Waverley, Sydney.

How would you describe the products you sell?

Luumo Designs sell unique, beautifully crafted homeware for all the family to enjoy predominately from Scandinavia. Our vision is to make your home a calm, stylish and beautiful place.



When it comes to sourcing new designers/products what do you look for?

We look for originality, good craftsmanship and simplicity in design. The use of natural materials is also very important and often my eye is naturally drawn to a muted colour palette.

What separates Luumo from other homeware/lifestyle stores?

We love to support talented new designers and businesses, like Moebe, Kristina Dam and most recently Mifuko. We prefer to work with natural materials and with companies who ethically source their materials and work with communities using fair trade principles; these companies are really making a difference to the world.

What do you love about Scandinavian design?

I love the craftsmanship and simplicity of the design that comes with Scandinavian design. I think their design gives people a feel good factor about their home and the decor, as it’s easy on the eye.

'I think Scandinavian designed homes are warm, inviting and calming, which is what I think many of us look for when we come home after a busy day at work.' Claire | Luumo Design



How would you describe your own, personal style?

My style is a mix of relaxed, beachy, simple and functional as my days are spent entertaining my kids, going to the beach and working in the store. My favourite brands are Bassike, Hummanoid and a great French boutique store next door to my shop, called Volange.

Before Luumo what did you do?

I worked as a Finance Manager within creative agencies. I have always been interested in business but within a design environment. Giorgio is an interior designer from Italy who currently works for leading commercial furniture projects around Australia.


Away from work, what does your life involve?

Spending time with my two kids and husband, working out down the beach, going out for dinner around Bondi with friends, reading a great book and watching feel good movies.

Do you have any words of wisdom for anyone wanting to start their own business?

I would suggest that you fully research your ideas and the sums carefully. Therefore then you are fully aware of what the business will cost to set up.

Do you have any plans/hopes for the future in relation to Luumo?

I would like to open another store by the end of the year, we are just looking for the right location and grow the property styling side of the business.

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House of Home would like to thank Claire and the Luumo Design team for their time

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