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Episode Six -The Love Shack Complete

June 27, 2016
Episode Six -The Love Shack Complete

Bec & George have created a holiday home that any family would love to visit. Relaxed and inviting, the Love Shack just beckons you to come in, relax, unwind and take in the view.

Let's start with the location. Tucked away on an inlet just north of Hobart, Tasmania, the Love Shack is perched high on a hill with views across the water. The architect’s vision was to bring these views into the home by opening up the front of the home with large glass windows. And gosh has he delivered – the new open plan living, dining and kitchen area is just stunning.

Our favourite spot without doubt would be curled up in one of the two hanging chairs, taking in the beautiful garden, the water views and beyond. The design of this new space is particularly clever as it has been oriented on an angle to the original home to maximize the amount of northern light getting into these spaces. This means a spot near the window is sunny, warm and inviting even in winter.

Week6 1chair

The interiors are all Bec’s work (remember that deal that she and George made?) and the spaces that she has created have a real sense of confident, but relaxed style. There are two key recurring themes – lots of layered textures – hides, knits, leather, linen, and marble; and colour – deep tones of blues, greens and greys, warmed up with natural timber furniture and floors, and accents of brass. The overall effect is to die for.

So let's go through the elements that really make this space work. Bec has used a rug to the define the living space. She has chosen a chunky knit wool rug that grounds the couch and gives a soft spot to sit in front of the fire. This texture is echoed in the chunky knit cushions on the couch. The cream colour of the accessories works really well with the blue/grey of the couch. Get tips on using a rug to define a space here

KitchenLivingDining Loveshack SGroup Web033cropped

KitchenLivingDining Loveshack SGroup Web032cropped

Week6 6

Week6 4

Week6 3

The other key space defining element is the stunning artwork that hangs above the dining table. This is a custom designed piece of artwork that is now available exclusively through House of Home. Originally available as a single piece, we had the image exploded and sectioned over the four frames to create something really striking. The black frames linking back to the black bentwood chairs.

KitchenLivingDining Loveshack SGroup Web009cropped

Week6 5 V2

Week6 2

The natural timber breakfast bench and brass accents tie the kitchen back to the rest of the upstairs area, creating a seamless transition from living to food preparation. In contrast to the natural timber breakfast bench and floorboards, the rest of the kitchen has quite a moody colour scheme, with matte black tapware, black appliances, and dark timber cabinetry throughout. The charcoal servingware and dark marble canisters add to this dark effect.

But with timber & grey upholstered bar stools, brass accents and adequate lighting coming from both the windows along the entire wall and the LED lighting above, the overall feel of this kitchen is modern, light and striking, with plenty of space for food preparation and a stunning view of the bay.

KitchenLivingDining Loveshack SGroup Web050cropped

Week6 9

Week6 8

Week6 10

Throughout the upstairs space Bec has used interesting accessories to create vignettes that draw in the eye. Candles in black metal or leather holders, small table top marble sculptures, plants, and interesting woven baskets, all add to the interest in this space.

The rumpus room downstairs is interesting in that its colour palette varies from the rest of the house. Rather than the dark colours being the hero with lighter accents, in this room the base elements - paint colour and couch in particular - are kept light and the accessories are darker. For consistency there is lots of texture in this space too – interesting Mongolian sheepskin cushions, chunky knit cushions, patterned throws, leather accents all work well together with the timber furniture. We can see George retreating here for a Saturday afternoon.

Rumpus Loveshack SGroup Web 001cropped2

Week6 13

Week6 12

This whole finished house works so well together. Bec and George have completely reinvented an old beach cottage, without having to demolish the existing structure. The new house is stylish, modern, practical and oh so inviting. We love it! And we hope Bec & George do too.

Week6 14

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Week6 9archie s

MasterBed Loveshack SGroup HD013  1 crop

Week6 10crop

SpareRoom Loveshack SGroup Web004crop

LS SpareRoom Bathroom4 mixed

LS Bathroom