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How to use lounges in offices spaces

February 12, 2015
How to use lounges in offices spaces

While lounging and office life may seem like they’re at the opposite ends of the spectrum, you’d be surprised at how stylishly they work together with just a little tweaking. You might be wondering if bringing what is thought of as a casual piece of furniture into the office might not imply that it’s okay to “slack off” a bit at work. On the contrary, bringing in chic and sleek lounges into your office space will actually make it seem more up to date and professional.

So how do you use a lounge in an office space?

First: Choose your style

Choosing a style that’s right for your office is one of the most key factors in accomplishing your desired look. Before choosing a lounge that fits your motif you need to consider how many people work in your building, where you want the space to be (near your desk space, or as a sitting room), and what colour and branding you want your space to say about your company. Due to the working atmosphere, it would be a wiser choice to go with symmetrical and modern square designs of lounges, as opposed to an antique chaise lounge – gorgeous as one might be.

Second: Create your space

Now the fun begins. Once you’ve chosen where you want your lounge to sit you can begin getting your hands dirty. Pair your stylish lounge (Fortune Furniture leather lounge 9114) inside your office by placing it beside your desk. Be aware of the size of lounge you choose in relation to your office size, as you don’t want people squeezing by just to get out of your office. Inner office aside, creating a communal sitting space or waiting room at work requires a completely different styling technique. For this, you’ll want to visually create a space that both conveys warmth, and professionalism. Impossible? Hardly.

Start by choosing a lounge that’s appropriate for your workspace. The Elegant Interiors Nizza Corner Lounge is perfect for a sitting area because it’s neither too big, nor too flashy for an office space. This couch screams professional and classy. Choose an intriguing coffee table to pair with your lounge, such as the concrete, rectangular Valencia Concrete Coffee Table by Dare Gallery. This is a unique piece that will pair well with your section lounge. Set up one or two more chairs around the coffee table adjacent to the lounge to create a real conversation area. Set those elusive “waiting room” style magazines on your coffee table and you’ve completed your look.

Third: Fall in love with accent pieces

Sure, your lounge is sleek and fabulous all on its own, but accent pieces are the true finishing touches to any design style. Style your space accordingly with decorative cushions. Remember you’re not styling your teenage girl’s bedroom, so there’s no need to overload your lounge with dozens of adorable pillows. Instead, choose prints and designs for your cushions such as the Symmetry Net Cushion that create interest and dimension to your lounge. If your lounge has a solid colour, choose printed cushions and vice versa.

Other great accent pieces are low hanging lights (like our Wood Wine Pendant Light) or a fabulous piece of watercolour artwork (see: Blairgorwie Painting) to bring a mood to the room. These pieces will pop and make your whole work space come together.

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