Lounges, Leather Vs Fabric 

February 12, 2015
Lounges, Leather Vs Fabric

When picking the right lounge for your living space, furniture shoppers will face the age old battle: should you buy a leather or fabric lounge? The answer really depends on what kind of look you're trying to achieve. Many find the appearance of leather to be sleek and professional while fabric lounges are often seen as more feminine, family friendly, and casual.

The Benefits of a Leather Lounge

Leather upholstery is timelessly sleek, professional, and sexy. It is the perfect choice for office furniture. Leather is also a fantastic option for those who aren't so graceful when sipping their coffee, as this fabric is versatile when it comes to spillage and stains. While you may have to buy a special cleaning solution, leather is highly durable and one of the most easy to maintain of all lounge choices. Leather lounges are also preferred for those who have allergies, as it doesn't tend to pick up pet dander and dust the way other lounges can. This also means less hairy clean-up for you! Additionally, leather lounges have the benefit of being cooler and soft to the touch. This means the surface is fantastic for relaxing on balmy Summer nights, or for snuggling in the chills of Winter.


The Benefits of a Fabric Lounge

Fabric lounges provide an elegant, yet comfortable look to your foyer, office, or living room. Fabric lounges are perfect for those who love feature pieces or warmth in their lounges, as they are synonymous with textiles and prints. Unlike leather lounges, fabric sofas come in a wide variety of patterns and colour choices great for making your sofa your focal piece in any room. Comfort is another thing lounge lovers will enjoy about going the fabric route. Fabric lounges are notoriously the most comfortable choice. When you think fabric lounges, think relaxation and family time.


Which is Better?

As we can see, fabric and leather lounges both have many benefits depending on what kind of lounge you are looking for! Just remember that no matter what your style is, with proper accessories such as pillows, side tables, and decorative throws, you can make either a leather or a fabric lounge work for you.

Whether you're looking for a feminine charm, a leather lounge perfect for a man cave, or a family-friendly lounge, House of Home has what you're looking for!