The Lounge Buyers Guide 

February 11, 2015
The Lounge Buyers Guide

Purchasing a lounge for your dream living space is a long term investment and should be a prominent focal piece in your living space. There are many different styles of lounges to choose from, such as fabric, microfiber, leather, faux leather, and antique. Before selecting a lounge it is important to decide not only which room it can be placed in, but also how a lounge can compliment and change the design space. Are you looking for a modern sleek style, something a little more feminine, a child friendly environment, or something modern and funky fresh? You'll want to have these decisions made before you begin your search for the perfect lounge. Lounges are a a once in a lifetime purchase so make sure you know exactly what you want your lounge to say about you before making the leap.

Consider your budget

While it may be hard for home decor lovers to set a budget on their style spending, it is (unfortunately!) important to do so. Keep a firmly established budget in mind before you go on your hunt for your new lounge. The last thing you want to do is overspend on a lounge that you may just end up replacing in a year or two.

Check the Condition

Even if you are buying new, it is still important to check the frame and condition of your lounge. Consider: is the lounge you want on sale? Best to find out why! Check all corners for potential fabric rips, and sit on the lounge as you would at home (keep in mind that grabbing popcorn and putting your feet up in-store probably isn’t the way to go!). This is a great way to make sure that the cushions are still plump and comfortable. Always check the frame of any piece of furniture you are about to buy. A sturdy wooden frame is going to last longer than those made of metal or plastic.

Lounge space restrictions

As gorgeous as a certain lounge might be, and as much as you might want to scoop it up and take it home with you, you need to remember your space restrictions. Figure out exactly which spot in your pre-determined room you are going to put your lounge in and take measurements of that space. Note on paper where the doors and windows are in relation to where the lounge is going to be. When going to make your purchase, bring both your marked measurements, and a tape measurer with you to make sure there will be no space-surprises when you bring it home!

Will you be buying used?

One great thing about buying used is that you can find styles and prints that are no longer available in stores. Antique and vintage lounges also make for great accent pieces, not to mention create fabulous styling opportunities. You may also end up saving a fortune by buying “gently-used” lounges. Now, don’t go thinking that while antiquing you’re going to find an amazing hundred dollar bargain. However, shopping online, at garage sales, and picking through rubbish at the curb side may find you that to-die-for deal you’ve been hoping for. When buying a pre owned lounge check for obvious wear and tear such as stains, missing fabric scraps, or cat scratches.

Last but not least the best way to find your lounge gem is by browsing every option out there. Generally this can take hours but luckily House of Home make it easy to shop all of the best lounges in one spot.