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Lounge Room

January 30, 2014
Lounge Room

The lounge room is what sometimes can be referred to as a living room.

Unlike the living room though, the lounge room is usually in a separate room of the house and not as open plan as the living room.

Typically, the lounge room is located near the kitchen and dining room and its function is the same as a living room in that it’s a room in the home where people relax, watch television, read etc.

As such, a lounge room needs to be comfortable and practical.


Given a lounge room is not as open planned as a living room, when considering paint colours for your lounge room walls keep in mind the impact colour can have on a space. Colours can make a room appear bigger or smaller so be sure to keep in mind what visual impact you want to achieve for your lounge room.


The lounge room can receive a great deal of foot traffic given the nature of the space. Think about flooring that can be easily maintained and cleaned and if children live in the home, flooring that is comfortable to lie on and play games is a great solution.

Lounge Room Cabinetry

When renovating the lounge room, consider permanent built in custom designed lounge room cabinetry. Items like a television cabinet, shelving and a book case can add real character to the lounge room and be a great solution for any areas in the room that may be hard to position store bought furniture.

Mouldings, Skirting and Trims

Mouldings, skirtings and trims can help achieve an overall unified space. There are mouldings, skirtings and trims on the market that can suit any lounge room design. From thin bevelled edges, to thick decorative skirting there is a design solution to help all tastes and budgets.

Home Automation

Given the lounge room is a space in the home to relax and watch television or listen to music, keeping in mind the sound system you would like to implement prior to commencing renovations will give you more freedom of choice for you furniture design layouts.

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