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A World Of Tea At The London Drum

April 14, 2016
A World Of Tea At The London Drum

The London Drum is a newly opened tea and coffee specialty store in Brunswick, Melbourne. With over 80 types of teas and growing, as well as a selection of roasted coffee is available along with beautiful coffee making equipment, teapots, teacups and giftware.

The London Drum is owned and operated by mother and daughter duo, Debbie and Kristy and has been open since early 2015.

We had the chance to catch up with Kristy, the co-owner of The London Drum and find out more about everything tea and coffee from the experts.

The London Drum tea display

the London Drum Coffee

The London Drum teapots range

The London Drum Display case

The London Drum Teapots

How did you come up with your unique business name?

The name came from a love of the story behind the history and introduction of tea and coffee, specifically the 17th century, when tea and coffee were both introduced to England. It was then that London’s first coffee and tea houses opened up to serve the public. We wanted to choose a name that was relevant to that vision. We have continued the theme throughout our store with old-world and rustic décor and market style packaging.

Tell us a bit about the ranges of tea and coffee that are available.

Our ranges vary seasonally to ensure that customers get a variety of products every time they visit us. We try to display products for all tastes and price ranges. In our coffee equipment range, we stock: Aeropress, Bodum, Pezzetti and currently Hario. We also have six coffee bean blends which we can grind for you to take home. In our tea range, we currently have over 80 teas including single origins, traditional blends, flavoured teas and herbal blends. Our tea pots and cups are designed and made from all around the world, with a focus on quality, and those with history or a story of their making. We also currently stock a selection of Robert Gordon’s Australian Made range and we are very much looking forward to featuring Australian Made artists this year in our gallery.

The London Drum logo

The London Drum Coffee Beans

What do most of your customers come in looking for?

Our tea is proving to be most popular, with the standouts being French Early Grey, Snooze, and Granny’s Apple Pie. However, we are currently working on some amazing new tea blends that I’m sure will be a favourite.

Your store must smell amazing! Can you tell us a bit about this and how you style your displays?

Yes! Our store smells best on Tuesdays, as that’s when we are out the back of the shop packing our teas. We do try to keep external aromas to minimum so that customers can get a true idea of the individual tea aromas. We have ‘smelling jars’ just for this purpose! We really try to showcase our products. Most of our gallery walls are lined with dark wood panelling and brick wallpaper features. We find that the natural wood really makes the products stand out beautifully. We often get asked who did our shop fit out and visual merchandising - we did! As our tea range is expanding, we are currently building new library style shelving ready for the opening of our back room. The new ‘tea library’ will have its walls lined with tea and will be reminiscent of a library, in times past.

The London Drum products

The London Drum coffee and tea

What do you love most about your profession?

Mum and I both love learning new things about tea, herbs and coffee - especially the history and traditions around tea and coffee. Passing this knowledge on to customers is very rewarding. And of course, being surrounded by beautiful smelling teas and coffees as well as the visual beauty of our tea-wares is a big plus.

What makes The London Drum unique?

Being a tea AND coffee store in one I think sets us apart initially. And of course being a small Australian owned family business. We also pride ourselves on our product quality and giving one on one advice to our customers.

The London Drum display

What’s your favourite product and why?

We have too many beautiful products to pick just one favourite. However, I do proudly display my Bodum Copper French Press at home. We also have a very adorable hedgehog teapot that I think wants to come home with me!

The London Drum Teacups


At home, do you have a big collection of tea and coffee paraphernalia on display?

I must admit that a lovely old silver teapot is the only item displayed in my home! Mum also has a full silver tea set displayed as well as a stunning stone and brass teapot from Cambodia. We have our shop which is a collection in itself. But we still have plenty of time to start an assortment at home! You will, however, certainly find our tea and coffee on our shelves at home.

You’re based in Sydney Road Brunswick. Do you sell and freight interstate?

Yes, you can purchase online with House of Home and we'll happily post interstate.

The London Drum coffee bag and tea set

The London Drum Spoon and tea

The London Drum teapot

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The House of Home team would like to thank Kristy for her time and be sure to pop into The London Drum, 128 Sydney Road, Brunswick, VIC.

(Images credit: The London Drum & The London Drum Instagram account)