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Alisa & Lysandra, Loft Lounge Room Style

January 19, 2015
Alisa & Lysandra, Loft Lounge Room Style

Alisa and Lysandra get us longing for New York living this week.

This loft inspired lounge is the perfect place to host some friends for a cheeky bevvie, or somewhere to just curl up with the papers and a quality cuppa.

We love the fresh, light qualities of this oh-so contemporary space. The twins have confidently played with textures here to create a really rich depth and warmth; copper pendants, a tactile rug, the tan leather occasionals… Here Alisa and Lysandra show that we don’t have to stick with one look and feel; by introducing a combination we can create a room that is harmonious and inviting.

They’ve not been afraid to work with large-scale artwork and a bold palette – we can’t get enough of their creative confidence. Boil the kettle, pour a cuppa and get comfy as we wander around the loft lounge room.

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