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Planning Your Living Room

January 30, 2014
Planning Your Living Room

A living room, also known as an informal lounge room, is a space in the home that is used for relaxation, socialising, watching television in fact, pretty much everything that “living” at home implies! The living room is usually a very open planned space in the home. Usually, it connects to the kitchen, dining room or in some cases, both. As such, there are some simple things to keep in mind when planning your living room renovation.


Given the numerous uses for the living room, lighting is a key consideration when planning your renovation. Ambient lighting should be factored into the design however, task lighting to assist reading, using the computer, watching television etc is essential. Floor lamps or side table lamps not only are functional, but they can accentuate the style and ambience of the living room.

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The open plan nature of the living room means that flooring is an essential element to a living room renovation. Usually, to emphasise and enhance the space, the flooring will be the same material and application as the adjoining spaces. As such, incorporating a rug to define the living room space is a lovely addition to the room.

Window Furnishings

Like with flooring, the living room usually has similar window furnishings as the adjoining rooms to help highlight the open plan interior.

Heating and Cooling

A big factor in planning your living room renovation is what heating and cooling will be employed. Given it’s such a large area of space, attention will need to be paid to what will be the most economical and efficient system for your interior. Think about the natural flow of the layout, the height of your ceilings, the natural light and in turn heat that may filter into the room. Keeping these factors in mind will in turn assist in creating a comfortable environment for you and your family.

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We hope this has been of help when planning your living room and best of luck with your renovation.