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Lighting Trends 2018

June 17, 2018
Lighting Trends 2018

Night owls rejoice, we've found the perfect lighting solutions to make your home as trendy as your eveningwear

Lighting is an oft forgotten about element of styling, however the right lighting (as us selfie-takers know) can make or break a room's feel. We've rounded up the top 5 lighting trends for 2018 below, alongside some tips on incorporating them into your decor.

With lighting this hot you won't care about the winter sun-drought...


Surrealist Scultpture

Whilst minimalism is having it's moment in the spotlight, the trend of maximimalism is quietly developing. Over the top, abstract and sculptural elements co-exist with bright colours, amorphous shapes and over the top volume. These light fittings are works of art in and of themselves, and will command the room they're placed in. Match them with abstract or surrealist art, animal hides, textured furniture and bold wall colours.


I Can See Your Filament

As industrial and minimalist aesthetics flourish, an influx of stripped-back decor has followed. Lighting is no exception. Nothing says sophistication like a naked bulb, however not any bulb will do. Like your designer handbag, your nude lighting needs to make a statement. Oversized, low-hanging, clustered or encased in a negligée of metal, the aim is to draw the eye to the mesmerising yellow filament. Often the filament is a statement in itself, fashioned like a 3 year old's scribble, or curled like a hair roller. If this raw and edgy look is for you, consider the size of your space and any other decorations you have already there - the mroe space you have to play with, the bigger you can go with your bulb.


The Grown Up Mobile

Otherwise known as the abstract chandelier, the grown up mobile is one of this year’s hottest lighting trends. We may have grown beyond the starry lights and plush toys dangling above our cot, but we can still enjoy the mesmerising effects of a mobile. Whether you’re lying on the couch with a book, or reclining in front of the fire with a glass of wine, these impressive light installations will keep you entertained for hours. Our favourite picks – the chemical-compound-like geometric webs, or the clustered free-hanging pendants.


Building Site Chic

Embrace your inner concreter with this unpolished trend. No longer contained to bunkers, dingy basements or building sites, concrete lighting is making a splash with it's cool and versatile qualities. Juxtaposed with warm lighting, it provides the perfect play on textures to decorate your modern abode. Thanks to the qualities of the concrete, no two finishes are the same, making it a fascinating material to work with, and the perfect match for greyscale palettes, or leather and wood focused themes. Try it in a low-hanging pendant light, or as the base of an inverted, naked bulb lamp.


The Pin Lamp

These lamps are the ultimate understatement. Needle-thin, barely there and as elegant as they are minimal. Utilise these floor lamps to create a warm glow where overhead lighting can be too harsh. The lights are perfect for giving the floor to other, more statement pieces, and an provide an extra light source without taking away from other decor elements. Try it in a candy-pastel colour, or an off-gold or silver shade.

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Image Credit: Life Interiors | Wohn Designtrends | Pantone | Bec Brittain & John Hogan Design | Unknown

Written by Elizabeth den Dulk.