The Low-Down On Light Wattage & Lumens

January 30, 2014
The Low-Down On Light Wattage & Lumens

Looking to replace your existing light bulb?

Wanting to make sure the brightness is still the same but uses less electricity?

Find out everything you need to know right here and check out our chart which will help you compare your light globe wattage and the lumens it produces.


Watts are a standard unit of measurement when talking about electricity.

For light globes, wattage tells us how much electricity the lightbulb is using.

A 10Watt LED light will ultimately use a lot less energy than an old 60Watt Incandescent globe. If you intend to replace any of your existing light globes with a new type, you will need to replace it with the right kind of wattage. For example, if you want to replace a 45W Halogen bulb to LED, You will need to use a 4-5W LED option.


The Lumen is what tells you how bright your light will be, and with today’s energy saving globes, the lumen is not necessarily affected by a lower wattage. A perfect example is comparing a 60W Incandescent globe with its 6-8W LED counterpart. Both produce around 750lumens, the difference being that one uses a lot less energy. Below is a chart that cross references the wattage of each lighting wattage and technology with its lumen range to help you make an informed light globe choice (this graph is subject to changes):

Lumens and Wattage

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