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Layering Rugs

June 04, 2015
Layering Rugs

This time of year I’m usually more focused on layering my clothes and keeping warm but, this current styling trend for the home brings the layers indoors and well, it’s a lovely distraction from that winter weather whipping at my front door.

Layering rugs. It has to be one of my all-time favourite styling tips. It’s the perfect solution for an interior space that lacks depth and has no real point of focus or interest.

The layered rug look can be as bold as you want it to be or, as subtle and delicate as a silkworm spinning a cocoon. What’s more, this styling trend can actually help you out of the odd ‘design dilemma’. For example, are you renting and the landlords not keen to update the carpet for you? Don’t despair. With some rugs of different shapes and styles, instantly you can take drab to fab.

Is the styling solution as simple as just layering rugs? Well, not exactly. It does need some thought and care however, there are a few little tricks that you can follow that will have your space oozing character in no time.

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Define A Space

Having a larger rug in a neutral tone, and then placing a smaller colourful rug on top will not only help to cover a large area of floor, it will stylishly define and frame the space you want focused on. Also, don't feel limited to keeping things very lineal and precise. This style works really well with the top layer rug placed on an angle.

Monochrome Patterns

Using rugs of different sizes and patterns, but all coloured black and white, and then layering them in a grid like system will create a patchwork effect that's nothing short of breathtaking. This works particularly well when the other items of furniture and decor in your space are quite minimalist and therefore don't compete. This also tends to work better in a larger, light filled space.

Texture On Texture

Don't be afraid to experiment with incorporating layers of rugs that are different in texture. Think sisal rugs with cowhide rugs, or silk with shag-pile, the options are only limited by your imagination. The only tip to be aware of if using layers of textured rugs is to be mindful that the patterns are not too intense. The reason being is the contrast in texture creates such a lovely focal point as it is. Another little tip is to always place the rug with the most body and texture on top - that way it doesn't become to uneven to walk on.

Texture On Pattern

We mentioned above that if you're using textured rugs to layer, then it's best that the patterns are not too extreme. Having said this, if you're like me and you love texture and pattern then don't be discouraged. A winning combination is to go with a patterned rug as the base and then use a textured block colour rug on the top. We love how the stripes of the rug in the image below creates a boundary to this sitting area. The look is softened by the wispiness of the cream shag rug and is further emphasied by the repetition of the square shape, with the inclusion of the solid timber coffee table.

Block Colour On Pattern

Fallen in love with a gorgeous vibrant patterned rug and just have to have it, even though deep down you know it's "too busy" for the space? Simply buy a second rug in a complimentary colour that is the same shape but smaller in size. Simply place the block colour rug on top and voila, you now have the perfect compromise for your space.

We hope these tips have inspired you to rethink how you lay a rug and, most of all that you have some fun experimenting with this trending style.

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