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Laundry Love - Trends for 2018

January 24, 2018
Laundry Love - Trends for 2018

Laundries can sometimes be a tricky space to work with. It’s one room that can vary quite greatly in size from home to home.

If you are looking to renovate, it’s worth considering the amount of space you have available to either extend your laundry, or convert the existing area into a more usable space by addressing the layout and functionality.

This article takes you through the topics below, click on them to jump ahead at anytime.

Depending on whether you have a large or small laundry area will determine the style of laundry that will best work for your home. There are two main styles of laundry room;

European Laundry

The first and the most compact is the European Style Laundry. This style is most commonly found in apartments, smaller older homes or units and cottages. Despite being smaller, this style of laundry doesn’t have to sacrifice on functionality or aesthetics.

The Euro laundry provides a solution for homes with a smaller laundry area or where the laundry may be included in the bathroom or kitchen. It’s usually concealed behind cupboard doors, allowing you to borrow space from other living areas without having to visibly see the working components of the laundry.

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Standard European Laundry Dimensions


Mudroom Laundry

The second, (which tends to be the most common in Australia) is considered a Mudroom laundry. This style is for those lucky enough to have additional space to play with, however, Mudrooms can vary in size; from smaller to larger areas.

A mudroom is more than just a dedicated room for washing clothes. It acts as a multi-purpose utility area that offers additional bonuses such as an airing cupboard to store linen, a cupboard to store cleaning products and appliances, a place to hang clothes and store boots, some accommodate bench seating, or even offer a dedicated place to shower or bathe a pet!

Want to learn more about Mudroom design? Visit our article What Is A Mud Room?

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Key Trends in Laundry Design for 2018

One of the biggest trends in Laundry design is the fact that more and more homemakers are now treating this space with equal importance to the rest of the rooms within the home. Once a space that seemed to often be forgotten, it’s now a priority to have well functioning laundry, with a home for everything that looks great too.

To find out more about the recent trends, we reached out to Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry design experts Mint Kitchen Group and smarter BATHROOMS+, along with Royston Wilson - President of KBDi to chat more about what trends are filtering though for laundries in 2018.

What are the 3 biggest trends in Laundry design for 2018?

Design Continuity from the Kitchen to the Laundry

To create a consistent feel throughout the home, the laundry is taking on a similar aesthetic matching that of the kitchen. This means creating a seamless flow by carrying over the materials and finishes and look and feel of the kitchen into the laundry.

For example, using the same stone or quartz for the bench top and having the same style of cabinetry. The laundry could have its own unique identity by incorporating a feature wall vinyl or light fitting.

“The laundry is no longer just a functional space it’s a space people spend a lot of time so people aren’t afraid to invest in this room to ensure it has a consistent aesthetic to the kitchen creating a flowing a theme throughout the home”. Russell Henderson | smarter BATHROOMS+

Additional Storage Space

“This year is all about having extra storage and bench space. There is less emphasis on laundry sinks to allow for this. Our customers are preferring to opt for a smaller basin if needed.” – Frank Iaria | Mint Kitchens

Energy efficient appliances

Appliances can account for up to 30% of your home energy use. Choosing energy and water-efficient laundry appliances save on energy and in the long term save you money. Consequently they will become the go-to option for most.

Header Image Credit: Cantilever Kitchens

What materials, finishes and colour palettes are expected to be popular?

Timber Finishes & Soft Greys

“A somewhat Nordic look that offers a predominantly neutral colour scheme with clean lines will continue to be preferred for laundries. As the laundry is a smaller area, most clients worry about going too bold and the room quickly dating".

"Consequently whites, blacks and textured wood grains will continue to be the main elements of the room. Different tones of white are also seen through soft greys through to mid and darker greys. A palette of soft greys to darker greys can be teamed with black or white elements for a more dramatic look.” Says Frank

Textured 3-D Tiles

"With the technology and manufacturing capabilities improving rapidly, products can be produced more cost effectively. We now have access to such a myriad of different designs and 3-D tiles have surged in popularity as they have become more affordable". Royston Wilson | President, KBDi

These stunning feature tiles are available with a three dimensional pattern or embossed texture. The result is elegant and eye-catching, yet funky and modern without being loud or over the top.

Header Image Credit: Katrina Lee Chambers

Stone Bench Tops

Stone is replacing laminate in popularity for laundry bench tops.

“Customers are using more stone in laundries to match the style of the kitchens and bathrooms. Colours used are going to be kept simple and neutral but highlighted by special little details such as the cabinetry hardware or tapware.” Says Frank

Profile Cabinetry Doors

A trend that is following on from kitchens is the preference for Profile cabinetry doors.

“We are expecting to see a bit more depth included in the kitchen cabinetry with the inclusion of profile doors, be it more subtle profiles such as vertical panelling or shallow shaker.” Says Russell.

Header Image Credit: Savvy Interiors

What new products will we see become available?

Dedicated Drying Cupboards

"Dryers cost a significant amount to run so many people are opting for vented drying cupboards over dryers. These type of cupboards have a vent in the bottom and in the top. Some have the addition of radiators in them, or an underfloor heating system."

"The benefit is that clothes are hidden. Having a dedicated cupboard allows for better utilisation of the space and negates the need for an unsightly clothes horse or washing line." Royston advises.

Washer / Dryer Combo

“Two-in-one under bench washer and dryer to save space and are becoming more popular for European style laundries as it saves so much space.” “Wherever possible the washer and dryer should be placed under a bench as they are much easier to access at this height.” Says Frank

Built in Laundry Hampers

"All laundries should include at least on pull out hamper unit for the dirty washing. It’s a simple inclusion that will change it all!" Russell advises.

Black or White Sinks

With an increase in the popularity of modern farmhouse style, many laundries are becoming less about stainless steel and more about either clean white or striking black butler style sinks. White inset laundry tubs will also be a preferred option for their ease of cleaning.

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The Laundry List

Give this hardworking room a break and make life in the laundry easier by considering following inclusions for your new laundry room.

  • A dedicated drying cupboard.

  • Ample storage & storage accessories

  • Coat racks or rails to hang shirts

  • A pull out hamper

  • Pet bathing station - A dedicated shower or bath area for pets

  • Sink covers - Custom infill panels for covering the sink create more bench space and make the area look more tidy.

  • A heat pump dryer (are much more energy efficient and cheaper to run than other dryers, plus they don't need to be vented).

Header Image Credit: Decor Pad

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wish list of products, then be sure to check out our Laundry & Cleaning Product Ranges.

With many thanks to the following companies for sharing their wealth of knowledge in Laundry design trends with us.

  • Mint Kitchen Group - (
  • smarter BATHROOMS+ - (
  • Royston Wilson - (Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Institute,

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