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Tips for Renovating Your Laundry

January 17, 2018
Tips for Renovating Your Laundry

The laundry is sometimes a forgotten room, but the importance of having an easy functioning, well set up laundry space shouldn't be undervalued.

It doesn't need to be large, but as you design your space you need to think through the essential laundry elements and how they will fit together. If you're thinking about doing a renovation on your laundry you'll find some great ideas and tips below.

Washing Machine

Whether you have a dedicated laundry room, a European laundry (in a cupboard), or a shared kitchen space, at an absolute minimum you’ll want a washing machine. This means you need to think about plumbing and electricity connections to the space. Most washing machines are a standard width which makes fitting them into cabinetry easier. Choose a well known brand like Whirlpool or Bosch.

Laundry Troughs and Laundry Sinks

If you have either a European Laundry or a dedicated room then you’ll have room for either a laundry trough or a laundry sink. These are great for hand washing or cleaning up those messy things that you don’t want in the kitchen.

Laundry Taps

When you install your washing machine you’ll need a particular set of taps called washing machine stops. Then if you are having a trough you’ll need taps and a spout for that too. You can choose from a laundry set, mixer tap, pull out tap or match them to the tapware you have chosen for the bathrooms.


Many people choose to have a clothes dryer installed in their laundry as well as their washing machine. Consider whether you would like yours floor or wall mounted. The other key thing is ventilation, the best option it to duct your dryer direct to the outdoors.

Washer Dryer Combo

If space is a real constraint consider a washer dryer combo. These appliances take up the same space as a standard wash machine but offer dual functionality.

Exhaust Fans

One other thing that you might like to consider is installing an exhaust fan to allow for adequate ventilation, especially if you are having a dryer.

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