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How To Make Your Kitchen Appealing At Sale Time

April 15, 2015
How To Make Your Kitchen Appealing At Sale Time

It would come as no surprise to most that, a homes kitchen has the highest return of invest (ROI) when it comes to all the rooms in ones house. It makes total sense when we all know a kitchen is often referred to as the centre hub or, heartbeat, of the home. As such, when it comes to preparing your home for sale, spending some time focusing on your kitchen to give it the best opportunity to appeal to potential buyers is time well spent. There are a few alterations you can make to your kitchen that are cost effective and, hopefully, will make a good impression for any potential home buyer that will ultimately set you in good steed to make a sale. So, what are those top tips? Below, we've captured 5 tips that we believe can make a positive change to a kitchen without breaking the budget or, taking up hours of your time.

1. Talk to Real Estate Professionals

What better way to learn about your potential buyers and their tastes than to talk to the professionals who deal with this on a daily basis. Your real estate agent should be able to advise as to what buyers are looking for in terms of kitchens. For example, if the area is currently attracting young, growing families then plenty of bench space, storage and even child safety features would most likely be of interest to potential buyers. On the other hand, if it's an area where retirees and the elderly are looking to buy, then items like easy to use tapware such as mixers, very good task lighting and appliances that are easily accessed and operated would make for a very desirable kitchen for this target market.

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Realestate agents talking to buyer

2. De-Clutter

For those who have rented or bought a home before, we've all opened cupboards and drawers to see how much space is inside, how sturdy they are and how easy they may be to operate. As such, first impressions are vital when it comes to selling your home and just because a door or drawer is shut, doesn't mean a potential buyer might not take a peek. Therefore, spending a day cleaning out your pantry, pots and pans drawers and kitchen cupboards is time well spent. Not only will this give the buyer a great indication as to how their personal items may work in the space, when it comes time for your move - half the job will be done already as you've had a pre-clean out!

Minimal Kitchen Design with clean benches

3. Colour Palette

We all know what a fresh lick of paint can do to an interior and, your kitchen is no different. A fresh coat of paint on the cabinetry doors or walls can brighten, modernise and change the look and feel completely. By keeping the colour scheme simple, and we don't always necessarily mean white, you'll help to keep your potential buyers market broad. We recommend avoiding bold colour blocking and stick with a neutral palette that can then be brightened with colour accents such as a vase of beautiful flowers or a large colourful bowl of fresh fruit and herbs.

Limegreen kitchen

4. Thoughtful Choices

So you've done all your dew-diligence and you've come to the conclusion it's actually best to update your kitchen, not just do a cosmetic makeover. Don't be tempted to select finishes, materials and appliances that may appeal to a smaller minority of tastes. Try and select items that have a broader appeal and ask yourself, is this more of a luxury than it is a necessity? Install kitchen appliances that are trusted brand names and where preferable, come with warranties so as to further appeal to potential buyers. Keep in mind the target market your real estate agent may have suggested would be interested in your property and try and design and install a kitchen that would really appeal to their lifestyle. If the budget allows, uses materials such as stone benchtops, good quality flooring and adequate light to cook and prepare food under.

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rsz family kitchen layout

5. Attention To Detail

Attention to detail can really impress a future homebuyer. When it comes to your kitchen, installing items like LED strip lighting under benchtops, power-points fitted in island benches, pull-out pantry cabinets, kitchen cupboard carousels, soft closing drawers, mixer taps with pull out hoses, all just to name a few, are great inclusions to appeal to future buyers.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

If you're in the process of thinking of selling your home, we hope you've found this article of interest and that it's given you some good ideas in terms of how you may increase your profits. Best of luck!

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