7 Kitchen Trends For 2015

March 16, 2015
7 Kitchen Trends For 2015

In 2015, it's little surprise that the kitchen continues to be the heart of a home. As such, the space should focus on great ergonomic design but at the same time, incorporate thoughtful finishes and products. So, in no particular order, here are seven kitchen trends that are on the rise for 2015 that will make your kitchen a talking point.

1. Geometric Patterns & Shapes

Geometric really is the new black! From clothing to stationery, artwork to packaging - geometric is edgy and hot. Introducing this shape into your kitchen in 2015 makes for a bold, visual statement. Be it a gorgeous geometric profile pendant light hung above the kitchen island benchtop or a feature wall of geometric patterned tiles, this look creates an amazing talking point for any kitchen renovation. When it comes to selecting your tiles, you can use a monochromatic geometric tile for a more understated look. Or, select a bold colour combination to create movement and texture within the kitchen.

2. Pressed Metal Kitchen Splashbacks

Wondering what splashback to have for your new kitchen renovation? This year, it's all about texture and one material that exudes this better than others is, pressed metal. With literally hundreds of designs to choose from, pressed metal can be cut to fit any size spalshback space and painted to suit any kitchen design style. Given the popularity of geometric shapes, this would make for a wonderful pattern choice for a new kitchen renovation.

3. Timber Kitchen Benchtops

For those wanting a warm and inviting style kitchen design, the go to choice for 2015 is the inclusion of a timber kitchen benchtop. Be it a darker timber like Blackwood or a lighter tone of Victorian Ash, what ever the timber species choice - the addition of a timber benchtop will bring a touch of the outdoors in, and a lovely element to a modern kitchen design.

4. Polished Concrete Flooring

This has to be one of our favourite trends that, we think shouldn't be limited to just the kitchen - it should be laid throughout the home. Polished concrete flooring, be it in large rectangular tiles or poured as a slab, is hot for 2015! Wanting a tone other than just charcoal and grey? No problems - there are plenty of choices on the market such as veneered polished concrete flooring in tones from warm orange to chocolate, caramel to sand.

5. Round Kitchen Sinks

Square and rectangular shape kitchen sinks have long been a popular choice for kitchen renovations. However, in 2015 the kitchen sink is focusing more so on softer, organic lines. As such, the round kitchen sink is trending as one of the must-have items for 2015.

6. Black Kitchen Sink Mixers

Geometric may be the new black but, black never really goes out of fashion does it! Black kitchen sink mixers are making their move into our kitchens faster than you can fry an egg! In particular, beautiful goose-neck designs coupled with a matching black sink.

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7. LED Downlights

LED downlights continue to be a very popular choice of task lighting for the kitchen. Be it warm white or cool white, LED downlights are the perfect selection for your busy preparation areas such as the kitchen sink, benchtop and cooktop. Be it circular or square or a polished chrome or white fitting, LED downlights are a must-have for any new kitchen renovation in 2015. Another form of LED lighting to keep an eye on in 2015 is LED strip lighting. Proving to grow momentum in under counter, or kicker, application this is one trend on the rise for 2015.

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