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10 Show Stopping Splashback Ideas 

October 20, 2016
10 Show Stopping Splashback Ideas

Looking to create your dream kitchen?

One of the fastest, easiest and most cost effective ways to inject some personality and colour into a kitchen is to incorporate a stylish splashback. A Splashback can create a striking focal point for a newly renovated kitchen, or to add a whole new lease of life to a tired kitchen.

Generally considered for their use from a practical standpoint, Splashbacks can be often underrated. While a Splashback is necessary to protect surfaces from moisture and heat and to keep them clean and hygienic, today’s Splashback materials extend well beyond the glass, stainless steel or tile options that generally spring to mind.

Even these typical materials have evolved into some pretty spectacular ranges! No matter what the style of your home, we have sourced some fabulous Splashback ideas that are guaranteed to create a show-stopping kitchen!

Below are 10 gorgeously creative, innovative and inspirational Splashback designs we just can’t help but love.

Show Stopping Splashbacks Marble

Marble Splashbacks and Photographic Splashbacks

Nothing beats the natural beauty of marble. It's finish is elegant and timeless and despite popular belief, it's actually long-lasting if sealed and well cared for. However, do keep in mind that stone is porous, so if using it around water sealing it is a must.

If you have reservations about the maintenance of natural stone, a digitally printed glass option is a great alternative. This offers the look of natural stone by taking a high-resolution photographic image and then printing it onto 6mm toughened safety glass. This type of glass will not crack, fade, is waterproof and fire resistant. This technology can be used to print any image you desire, so the sky is the limit with design options!

Show Stopping Splashbacks Alloy

Metallic Splashbacks

Bring a touch of magic to the kitchen with metallic tiles. Elegant and sleek, Alloy tiles are made from stainless steel and have a beautiful yet utilitarian feel about them. They create the perfect balance between function and glamour and look amazing in a modern style kitchen.

Show Stopping Splashbacks Pressed Metal

Pressed Metal Splashbacks

One material that exudes elegant texture better than any other is, pressed metal. With literally hundreds of designs to choose from, pressed metal can be cut to fit any size Splashback space and painted to suit any kitchen design style. Given the popularity of geometric shapes, this would make for a wonderful pattern choice for a new kitchen renovation.

Tile Splashbacks

Tiles are a classic and common choice for Splashbacks. This because they are an extremely hard-wearing, cost effective option. Tiles also offer an opportunity to get really creative as the ranges are extensive and the possibilities are endless in terms of the types, styles and colours available to choose from. If opting for a tile it's worth noting that a very light white grout can tend to look dirty more quickly so will require more maintenance.

Below are just a few of our absolute favourite tile designs!

Show Stopping Splashbacks Herringbone

Herringbone Tile and Subway Tile Splashbacks

Clean, crisp and simple. A Herringbone design or Subway tile has just the right mount of pizzazz to jazz up a kitchen without being too overpowering. The Herringbone trend has become very popular with Interior Designers this year and is set to become a bit hit in 2017. Consider pairing with a contrasting coloured grout such as dark grey to make the tile design 'pop'.

Show Stopping Splashbacks Geometric

Geometric Tile Splashbacks

Like the Herringbone pattern or Subway tile, geometric tiles help to create interest and are a great way to bring pattern to an otherwise plain kitchen. Most kitchens are kept quite minimal with clean lines and open sight lines so introducing a contrasting shape is a very effective way add a little drama. This type of tile will also bring a sense visual weight and balance to the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.

Show Stopping Splashbacks MultiColoured

Multi-coloured Tile Splashbacks

For those who aren't afraid to go bold, a combination of coloured tiles can be eye catching, fun and totally unexpected. The above design has massive impact. The layout of colour transitioning from grey to yellow to white sets the whole tone for this kitchen. It's brings vibrancy to this predominantly timber kitchen and creates a playful point of interest.

Show Stopping Splashbacks Morrocan

Moroccan Tile Splashbacks

Spice things up with a little bit of exotic flavour. Selecting Moroccan patterned tiles is a bold and beautiful way to bring pattern and colour a kitchen. The trick when using Moroccan tiles is to pair them with a low-key base of neutral colours. This will allow the beauty of the pattern to become the focal point rather than competing with the rest of the kitchen colours.

Show Stopping Splashbacks Slate

Slate Tile Splashbacks

Somewhat masculine yet elegantly sophisticated, a slate tile had a strong presence and adds depth and drama to a kitchen. A slate option looks great in a more industrial style setting and works well with a heavier palette of materials for the cabinetry and bench top such a concrete and timber.

Show Stopping Splashbacks Square Tiles

Square Tile Splashbacks

Never under estimate the power of simplicity. Nothing beats a crisp white Splashback. When teamed with the right kitchen cabinetry the square format of the tiles pictured above look understated yet gorgeous.

The great thing about a square profile is it's versatility. It works well in all styles of settings whether it be modern, contemporary, classic or traditional. If in doubt you can always rely on a square tile!

Show Stopping Splashbacks Timber Look

Timber Look Tile Splashbacks

Nothing beats the natural beauty that timber offers. It has distinct characteristic that welcomes and warms and helps to prevent a space from feeling too stark or cold and clinical. Timber look tiles are quite versatile and can work well with either darker or lighter coloured cabinetry and bench tops.

Real timber is not a suitable material for a kitchen splashback as it is not fire rated or impervious to water. Timber tiles have the advantage over real wood as they are stronger, scratch resistant and stains can be easily be wiped away.

Feeling inspired? Get the look with some of these stunning Splashback options below:

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