Kitchen Sinks

January 30, 2014
Kitchen Sinks

Probably one of the most used items in a house, and as such, the kitchen sink needs some thought and planning prior to any renovation. Selecting a kitchen sink will vary depending on your style of kitchen, frequency of use and budget. However, there are two main types of kitchen sinks available on the market.

Drop In Kitchen Sinks

Aptly named, a hole is cut into a kitchens benchtop and then the drop in kitchen sink is placed to fit snugly. The drop in kitchen sink was once the most popular type of kitchen sink for the home although, these days the under counter kitchen sink is fast becoming a sought after replacement.

Drop in stainless steel sink

Under Counter Kitchen Sinks

Also sometimes referred to as under mount kitchen sinks, under counter kitchen sinks are exactly that - they sit underneath the kitchen's benchtop and seamlessly integrate within the design. They provide a very polished, thought about design to any kitchen space. Under counter kitchen sinks are terrific to clean as there is no lip where dirt and grime may collect over time.

under counter brown sink

Kitchen Sink Configuration

Now that you've learnt some more about the two most popular types of kitchen sinks, it's now time to work out what configuration and taps woks best for you!

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