2015 Kitchen Sink and Tap Trends

February 25, 2015
2015 Kitchen Sink and Tap Trends

The kitchen sink and kitchen taps, or kitchen faucets, are probably two on the most used items in your kitchen. As such, not only do they have to suit the style of your kitchen but, they need to be functional and durable. As such, we look at trends in both kitchen sinks and kitchen taps that, would make for a sensational addition to any kitchen renovation.

Round Kitchen Sinks

Traditionally, the kitchen sink has been square or rectangular in shape. Well, kitchen sinks in 2015 are all about softer, organic lines and as such, round kitchen sinks are a hot trend. Keep in mind however, that if you plan to retrofit a round sink into an existing bench cut out - you may be limited given the hole size difference.

Fireclay Kitchen Sinks

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are always going to be a popular choice in terms of kitchen sink materials. However, 2015 sees the surge in popularity of large fireclay kitchen sinks. This may be due to the popularity of country and Hamptons style kitchens. Fireclay kitchen sinks are generally more expensive given the process it takes to produce a fireclay kitchen sink. Fireclay kitchen sinks are made from a clay mold that are left to dry. Once the kitchen sink mold has dried, a coating of porcelain enamel is poured over the entire kitchen sink and then taken to a kiln to be fired at an extremely high temperature. During this exposure to the high temperature, the enamel fuses to the clay mold and creates a strong, durable kitchen sink coating. given this is a coated mold, the kitchen sink can chip if it's knocked hard enough.

Black Kitchen Sinks

It's true what they say, black is always in fashion and never before has it been so on trend than in the kitchen. Black kitchen sinks are very popular at the moment and, are often accompanied by gorgeous matching black kitchen tapware. Be it single bowl, double bowl or double bowl with a return - whatever the composition, black kichen sinks are super hot right now!

Double Kitchen Sink with Double Drainer

Bench space is usually a hot commodity in the kitchen but, for those that are serious cooks nothing is more handy than extra kitchen sink space for ease of preparation! With the popularity of cooking shows like My Kitchen Rules and Masterchef, it's no wonder that double bowl and double return kitchen sinks are trending. If you've got the room, this style of kitchen sink will make for a sensational addition to any kitchen renovation.

Goose-neck Mixer Taps

Like kitchen sinks, one of the hot trends in kitchen tapware is all about soft, curvaceous lines. No other kitchen sink mixer displays these qualities better than a goose-neck shaped kitchen mixer. Just as the name implies, this mixer tap is long and elongated with a stunning curved goose-neck like head. The kitchen goose-neck mixer tap makes for a very fashionable accompaniment with a round kitchen sink.

Kitchen Sink Mixer Taps with Hoses

This faucet is for the lover of cooking! Kitchen sink mixer taps with hoses have been growing in popularity for some time and this doesn't appear to be diminishing in 2015. The hose makes for very convenient food preparation and cleaning and washing of larger items like roasting pans and pots. Technology and innovation in this area has seen the market surge with both functional and stylish kitchen sink mixer taps with hoses so there are plenty of choices out there for all budgets.

What ever your style of kitchen renovation, we hope this trends have given you some good ideas for when it comes to selecting your kitchen sink and kitchen taps.

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