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Kitchens Design Through The Decades: 1990s - Current

September 21, 2015
Kitchens Design Through The Decades: 1990s - Current

We now come to the final installment of our comprehensive look at Kitchen design through the decades.

1990's - The Mc Mansion Vs. Intimate

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The 90’s, brought us the rise of the internet, world wide communication and the boom of the mobile phone. It also brought us the Mc Mansion. It was during the 90’s that house sizes grew exponentially, and so to did their kitchens. The 90’s kitchen was seen as an entertaining space, often overlooking the living and dining spaces, spacious island benches were incorporated during this time to served as an informal second dining table.

In terms of appliances, the double door fridge, with ice making abilities, was causing a scene and was a hot ticket item of the time, as was the dishwasher. The 80’s had pushed the kitchen movement towards state of the art appliances, and this was still going strong throughout the 1990’s.

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Aside from massive open plan kitchens the 90’s also pushed a contrasting style to contest the monstrous kitchen. This was the intimate kitchen design, homely and cosy, this kitchen style was designed to encourage intimate gatherings and soft, country cottage style aesthetics. Perhaps a derivative of the 1970’s kitchen, these were minimal, serene with warm toned colour palettes of browns and emeralds, worthy of any English farm cottage.

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With the trend was toward granite bench-tops, laminate cabinetry or blonde timbers such as pine. The 90’s kitchen, was still simplistic and minimal in design and form, people were definitely developing and maturing their palette of materials.

1990s Key Features:

  • Ceramic tiles

  • Black granite counter tops

  • Laminate, blonde timber and Granite

  • Frosted pendant lights

  • Double door fridges & dishwashers

  • Japanese inspired art and decor

  • Simple, back to basics styled interior

  • Colour Schemes: Whites, Browns, Stone, Cream

2000’s - Current: The Turn of The Century

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After the 1990’s kitchen design shifted focus again, as society grew and matured so too did kitchen designs. We have wireless internet which allows us to connect to the rest of the worlds designs and trends in seconds. We can access unlimited materials and vast varieties of products, and as such, we can have any furnishings we want fast, and from anywhere in the world.

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Whether we decide on polished concrete flooring, timber finishes, exposed brickwork, glass pendant lights, marble benchtops or copper splash backs, our choices encompass a variety of design styles from across the ages. We have developed our personal tastes. Today’s kitchen reflect those who design them and therefore it is the individual that is reflected in our choices rather than one overall trend influence.

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We are inspired by our interactions with cafes and restaurants, incorporating their design features into our own homes. We have latest industrial chef grade appliances, wine fridges that ensures the optimum temperatures for own rosé, Sauv Blanc or Pinot Noir's. Even our regular fridges are so advanced, they can be accessed via our phones, they are also disappearing behind cabinet doors.

As housing becomes limited as we grow as a society, apartments have become more commonplace, no longer for just the bachelor or widow, today’s apartment kitchens are focused on incorporating natural light through skylights and large windows to bring the outdoors inside. People in houses and apartments alike are eager to embrace the outdoors as houses get smaller.

2000s Key Features:

  • Polished concrete walls & floors

  • Sophisticated materials: Marble, copper, brass, stone, timbers

  • Timber floorboards

  • Advanced appliances and whitegoods

  • Skylights and large windows

  • Timber tables

  • Coloured tapware

  • Wine /bar fridges

  • Stylish but individualistic

  • Tiles

  • Art work

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Evolution of the kitchen has come a considerable way since 1930’s. Each era has brought with it a lasting effect that still resonates through to interior design today. Can we say that any one style is better than the rest? Do we regret any of the designs over the years, of course not! We cannot say that we came so far in design had it not been for the shameless avocado and brown cabinets of the 1970’s, or those jazzy audacious kitchens from the 1980’s. All we can do now is enjoy our kitchen and look to the interiors of tomorrow.

What can we anticipate for the kitchens of the future? With appliances and technology getting smarter and sleeker all the time, we may soon be able to 3D print kitchenware products from the comfort of our kitchen benchtops, but who knows? Technology will advance and so will our tastes, kitchens of tomorrow will be just as exciting and different as the design styles that came before. Perhaps one day we might have self-sustaining hydroponic gardens units and robotic personal feeders or we might not even have a need for them if pills sprout 3 course dinners. We’ll just have to wait and see, won't we?

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