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Kirsten Hoogenraad, Interior Designer

July 25, 2014
Kirsten Hoogenraad, Interior Designer

Written by guest blogger Kirsten Hoogenraad

My passion is art and design and the interface between the two in a domestic setting. As an Interior Designer and Stylist I particularly enjoy searching for unique vintage or handmade artisan objects to use in my work.

Kirsten Hoogenraad interior design 2

Being from a Dutch background and having travelled extensively throughout Europe, I am greatly influenced by what I describe as old Europe. To me it's the rich colours, textures and patterns that Europeans use in their houses to such great effect. I appreciate this textured look that is a prominent aesthetic in many cultures and use it in my practise alongside durable and lasting modern design. I also love nature, having spent my formative years in California doing a lot of camping and hiking with my family. So I'm also strongly influenced by the use of natural materials and earthy design elements.

I've had a career as a Clinical Neuropsychologist, however I've gradually moved toward my love of art and design and developed it into my current career. In addition to running my Interior Design practice I manage a blog where I post images that interest me and often write about what I think works or doesn’t work in the interior design and styling context. You can check it out at,

I’m currently working on a number of residential projects in the Melbourne area whilst building an online profile through my blog. Part of my work involves overseas travel to source unique objects, both vintage and artisan, for projects. My next trip is to Paris in September after which I am opening an online shop at, selling artisan and vintage finds for the home.

These photos are of a recent residential project I managed in Kew.

Kirsten Hoogenraad interior design 5

Kirsten Hoogenraad interior design 4