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Key Renovation Considerations

January 30, 2014
Key Renovation Considerations

Provided you plan carefully, a home renovation should be a really exciting venture and not something that gives you a headache just by the mere thought of it.

Some tips that will help prepare you before and during your home renovation are:

Decision Making

Be prepared to have to make a lot of decisions both during the planning and the home renovation itself.


Try to be flexible with your choices as sometimes, your first preference won’t always be possible.


Timelines can alter. Be prepared that your renovation may not be completed on time due to weather conditions, product availability, tradespeople’s schedules etc.

As such, always allow for more time than less to complete your home renovation.

Personal Skills

Be realistic with what you are capable of doing yourself and what’s achievable.

Living Arrangements

Consider your living arrangements whilst your home is being renovated. Will you be living in the space whilst the renovation is happening? Will you need to consider other living arrangements?


Be prepared that a renovation site can get messy. Should your items be placed in storage whilst the renovation is happening? Will your items be fine just with a plastic drop sheet over them?


Have some excess funds available in your budget. Unforeseeable things will present themselves.

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