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Just Modern Furniture

July 22, 2014
Just Modern Furniture

We love a local business story that starts as a one-man venture and quickly snowballs into an all-family affair.

Michael Katselis from Just Modern Furniture) has that very story to tell. It all began in 2013 when he launched his furniture retail business – online.

He’d seen an opportunity to provide Australians with high quality furniture at vastly reduced prices, so he took a leap of faith and began the business. It proved so successful so quickly, that he had to get out – literally. He moved the computer out of home and opened a 500 square-metre factory show floor in Melbourne.

Australian Made Logo

The physical store was a response to two things – fantastically fast growth but also a portion of customers who just couldn’t believe quality at such low prices was possible; surely it was too good to be true. They needed convincing. That took no time at all the moment the show room opened and people saw for their own eyes that the quality was better than good, it was up there with major retailers, but at a fraction of the price.

Michael was soon figuratively swept off his showroom floor, and called in family members to start helping.

Just Modern Furniture has become a terrific local success story, which Michael attributes to:

  • Contemporary designs that are affordable, yet look like they cost 50 – 100% more than they actually did
  • Furniture that is designed by Michael and his team based on what they know the consumer is after
  • Their signature furniture piece – TV and entertainment units
  • A vast range of products; everything from coffee tables, beds, tallboys, bookshelves and outdoor furniture
  • A one-year warranty and a full-money-back guarantee return (as anyone who shops on the internet knows; this is a big plus!)

just modern furniture entertainment unit 2

Customers are loving Just Modern Furniture so much that Michael recently decided to move his TV and Entertainment Unit manufacturing to Melbourne, so that they could respond with designs that are tailored and unique to the individual. In a world that is seeing more and more of our manufacturing move offshore, we couldn’t be happier for Michael and his family.

The way we look at it – this isn’t Just Modern Furniture, but a whole deal more!