Jetmaster Fireplaces

January 30, 2014
Jetmaster Fireplaces

Jetmaster has been operating in Australia since 1980, they started with a simple firebox design that revolutionised the market by no longer requiring a costly brick build.

Builders loved the ease of installation and designers loved the simple and functional look.

Since 1980 Jetmaster have added Heat & Glo gas fires and the Kemlan wood heater range to its inventory, both provide an alternative to traditional open fireplaces and aim to achieve efficient heating for the home.

With an extensive range of models and design choices, you are sure to find a product to match your needs.

Jetmaster Wood Fireplaces

The Jetmaster Wood Fireplaces offer all the ambience and beauty of an open fireplace and requiring minimal brickwork to install.

They are clean burning, designed not to smoke into the room and feature a two way convection and radiant heating system up to five times more efficient than a conventional brick open fireplace.

The Jetmaster Wood Fireplaces are available in Inset, freestanding and double sided designs.

Jetmaster Wood Fireplace

Heat & Glo

Heat & Glo® is the innovative leader in technology, design and safety. Heat & Glo gas fires draw their air from outside for burning never taking oxygen or warmed air from inside your room.

Heat & Glo balanced flue gas fires offer even more versatility with straight out the back flueing options or various other versatile Horizontal and Vertical flueing options.

Available in Inset, freestanding and double sided designs.

Heat N Glo Fireplace


A fully shielded firebox incorporates a natural convection system allowing warm air to circulate around your home, with the option of a three speed fan.

Built with a cast iron top and durable body, give it a unique style that is designed to reduce heat loss through the flue and ensures that the firebox retains and radiates much of the heat otherwise lost.

Available in Inset, freestanding and double sided designs.

Kemlan Heaters