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Jessi Deakin of Dreamcatcher Designs

August 25, 2015
Jessi Deakin of Dreamcatcher Designs

Interior Stylist and 70’s craft enthusiast, Jessi Deakin is the epitome of coastal and bohemian interior style and elegance. Born on the Southern coast lines of Sydney, Jessi is the creative mastermind behind Dreamcatcher Designs. A business that offers both handmade macramé homewares and an interior styling service specialising in creating unpretentious and homely spaces populated by the use of layers and collections of textures.

rsz jessi deakin product styling minkpink paint

Above photo: Product styling for MINKPINK

An accomplished woman, with a diploma in Interior Styling from the International School of Colour and Design, Jessi has created interiors for both residential and commercial clients. She has assisted on both cover and editorial photo shoots for Inside Out Magazine and has featured in glossy interior magazines such as Real Living and Adore Home Magazine. She has styled products for the likes of The Home, MINKPINK and Market HQ. Coinciding with her interior talents, Jessi is also gifted in the decorative craft of macramé, for which she has made pieces of traditional weaving for international brands such as GUESS, MINKPINK, Spell Designs and Somedays Lovin’.

After working several years in the fashion industry, Jessi realised her preference for dressing her home more so than mannequins. The catalyst for her design career began when she enrolled in a course for Interior Styling and Decoration at The International School of Colour and Design, it was during this time that she turned her sites to Dreamcatcher Designs.

“I really wanted to change my lifestyle from the typical 9-5 desk job and live a more balanced, healthy lifestyle, getting up from behind a desk and doing something I love. I have always been a really hard and dedicated worker for my employers so I knew I would be able to give just as much to my own business!” Jessi reflects.

event styling jessi deskin

Above Image of Jessi's macramé styling

“Dreamcatcher Designs launched just over a year ago purely as an interior styling service. I dabbled in a little bit of macramé making on the side and received a lot of interest in my work so I started selling one-off handmade pieces on the internet and it took off in a way that I didn’t expect. My pieces have gone from being stocked on my online store to now being sold by over twenty retailers across Australia” Jessi says.

Jessi tells us that Dreamcatcher Designs is a reflection of her own aesthetics and her design dreams. “I wanted to create a business that reflected my goals in life. The name 'Dreamcatcher Designs' perfectly sums up both my aesthetic and my goals. I want to catch client’s interior dreams and bring them to life for them, hence my tagline: catching dreams and bringing them home” it was a phrase I couldn’t go past!”

“My personal aesthetic is somewhere between coastal and bohemian. However, as an interior stylist my job is to adapt to every style and accommodate all tastes. I recently completed an office renovation in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. It was for a men’s custom suit company, and very far from my personal ‘Coastal Boho’ style. It was a great challenge and I’m happy to say that my client was very pleased with the result.”

rsz jessi deakin macrame plant hangers

Above Image of Jessi's macramé designs

These days, Jessi spends her days doing the things she loves, “There really isn't ever an average day for me, which I love! Some days I am in my studio processing orders or designing new pieces for my range, and other days I am styling a photo shoot or out sourcing furniture and decor for my clients.”

“I start each project by meeting the client and getting an understanding of their space and desires. I then use that information to come up with a concept which sets the tone for the style and scheme of the overall design. It is after this point that I then begin sourcing all the furniture and decor ready to present to my client.”

Inspired by her love of nature and vintage designer crafts, Jessi dedicates herself to making handmade, one of a kind pieces that she believes transcend time. Jessi learned the art of macramé from her mother who passed down her authentic 1970s craft knowledge. Her gifted and skilled mother taught her the basics she needed to design her modern pieces that include on trend touches such as metallic hardware and feathers.

rsz jessi deakin product styling

Above Image of Dreamcatcher Designs Product Styling

“Naturally, I incorporate my macramé designs into my interior designs. A lot of the time clients find me first through my macramé business so it rolls out organically from there. I can create custom macramé pieces to suit just about any interior or space whether it’s a beach house in Bryon Bay or a modern minimalist apartment in the city.” Jessi says.

“I love the blend of organic, bohemian, vintage nostalgia! I love that I can create a piece of unique art using just some rope and hardware, the possibilities are endless. I am really quite blessed by the skills passed onto me, and I believe my repertoire will continue to grow organically” Jessi informs us.

“In my home I have a macramé bed head, two wall hangings, three plant hangers and one arm chair!” Jessi laughs, she definitely has an authentic connection with her craft. “My favourite piece is a wall hanging that I made off of a piece of driftwood I found by the river on the property where I live. The other piece I love is my macramé lounge chair, which took me about two months to complete! It’s certainly a statement piece.”

rsz 1jessi deakin event styling

Above Image of Jessi's macramé designs

Inspired by creatives such as Sibella Court and the Spell Designs girls, as well as American brands like Anthropologie and Free People, Jessi combines bohemian chic with the authentic vintage looks she loves. She confesses that she has already accomplished one of her biggest goals so far as a creator and maker.

“One of my biggest dreams actually came true for me this year when I created a range of custom macrame pieces for my favourite brand and store, Spell Byron Bay for their stand at the Splendour In The Grass music festival. One of the pieces was a huge 2m wide macramé wedding arch with tasselled ends and feathers that they set up as a photo booth on a beautiful white day bed in the middle of the muddy festival! Working with Spell Byron Bay was a goal of mine in the very early stages of my business, so I’m pretty excited to have ticked that one off already!” Jessi notes proudly.

Her love for designing engaging and homely spaces continues to dominate her purpose to create. “I love being able to be creative and roll out my different ideas in a range of spaces. Seeing the end result come together combined with the satisfaction of my clients is really rewarding for me. I hope to continue creating dream spaces for my clients in the future.”

rsz jessi deakin promo photo

Above Image of Jessi with her macramé designs

Jessi’s enthusiasm for her craft and profession is inspiring, as is her dedication to preserving an old craft and her love for all things bohemian and chic. We’re eager to see what projects are ahead for Dreamcatcher Designs and we hope Jessi continues to pursue her dream of catching and bringing people’s dreams home.

The House of Home team would like to thank Jessi from Dreamcatcher Designs for her time and sharing with us more about her inspiring business.

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