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Javi Design

June 17, 2015
Javi Design

When it comes to renovating your home, one of the last things on your to do list is most likely erecting the humble letterbox. You spend all your time methodically planning the revamp of your façade, landscaping the front yard, building an impressive fence but – all too often the letterbox looks like an afterthought for many home renovations.

After speaking with Director and founder of Javi Design, Lee Rodezno, it’s time to put the letterbox on the top of your renovating to do list!

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Javi Design was established five years ago by experienced industrial designer, Lee Rodezno.

“The name Javi is a combination of our son’s two names, Jaron and Levi,” says Lee proudly.

Javi Design is based in Melbourne and has five employees, a diverse team which collaborates with product design consultancy Katapult Design in the development of products. “Katapult Design has assisted us in various stages of the development of our products and offer ongoing support,” says Lee.

“Every day, week and month is different at Javi Design and that’s what makes our job so much fun. We are consistently researching, thinking, developing, producing and testing new ideas because we know good design and attention to detail makes all the difference,” states Lee.

So, how did they come up with such a gorgeous designed, and incredibly functional, letterbox?

“What began as a conversation turned into many late nights and a lot of hard work. Frustrated by the quality of manufacture as well as the design of current offerings, the Javi Letterbox was created out of the belief that a letterbox should be as stylish and well-designed as the home it’s attached to,” says Lee.

Lee went on to say that through competitor research they identified an opportunity to create a letterbox range that served both residential and commercial environments. “This then led to the development of Post Mount and Wall Mount letterbox options, meeting the needs of home owners or specifiers. Our aim was to create a contemporary letterbox, which would visually complement any architectural setting. We wanted to create an iconic, sustainable and long lasting product entirely manufactured in Australia,” remarks Lee.

That brings us to the material the meticulously designed letterbox is made from.

“Accoya Wood is a modified timber with properties that match or exceed the best tropical hardwoods and treated woods. This timber is a perfect solution for exterior products where aesthetics, less frequent maintenance, dimensional stability and durability are key factors. It has a 50 year life (25 year in-ground) and it is produced from sustainable sources making it the perfect choice,” states Lee.

One of Javi Designs uniqueness’s is they offer their customers the ability to personailse their mailboxes like no other in the industry.

“In order to more easily provide product variations to customers we’ve created a semi-customisable design. The front panel is CNC machined to order (including custom street numbers if desired) and is supplied raw so it can be finished to match existing premises. The units themselves work singularly or ganged together for apartments and offices and our just-in-time manufacturing system allows us to customise sheet metal features for larger orders. Architects and developers have been particularly interested in the Javi Letterbox for this reason,” comments Lee.

Furthermore, Javi Design freight nationwide for a flat fee, ship internationally to various countries and warrants all their products against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a period of six months from the date of purchase.

Javi Design Letterbox 5

The Javi Letterbox is their first product from the Javi Design team. We wondered if there were any other wonderful designs on the horizon that Lee could share with us.

“We are consistently working on new product opportunities; we are close to launching our new member of the letterbox family. Due to numerous enquiries we have been working on a letterbox which can be accessed from the back side, this is a perfect choice for people who have a gate and wish to get their mail from inside their premises. We are also in the process of finalising some accessory products due in the next couple of months,” explains Lee.

It’s this listening to their customers, and constant attention to perfecting their design, that really set Javi Design apart from their competitors.

So, when we asked Lee about what he would be doing if he wasn’t working at Javi Design, we weren’t one bit surprised by his answer.

“I’m not sure; it is difficult to imagine doing anything else at this stage. We are having too much fun.”

We look forward to hearing more from this talented design firm in the not too distant future.

The Team at House Of Home would like to thank Lee Rodezno of Javi Design for his time

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