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Is Air Conditioning A Necessity In Australia?

August 22, 2017
Is Air Conditioning A Necessity In Australia?

In many parts of the world that experience extreme winter and summer conditions, heating and cooling systems are a necessity. In places like Australia, however, local residents only need to worry about cooling during the hot months of the year. This is because temperatures can rise to over 30 degrees Celsius during the summer months. This can be highly uncomfortable, so every home and workplace would require an efficient air conditioning system to keep indoor temperatures at comfortable levels.

It is important to note that most parts of the Australian coastline experience Mediterranean-like weather conditions. As a result, many people are of the opinion that air conditioning is not necessary, especially for people who live near the coastline.

Space Cooling With AC Machines

There is a raging debate that air conditioning is a luxury as opposed to a necessity, so people can live without it. Proponents of this ideology claim that Australian air conditioning needs depend on building design. They claim that to stay cool at home, you only need to open up the windows. However, your home needs to have a high ceiling and large windows for this to be effective.

These people further claim that consumers have only gotten used to air conditioning because most business premises and offices are equipped with efficient cooling systems, so they have come to expect it wherever they go, but it's not a necessity. The truth, however, is that temperatures can rise to uncomfortable levels during certain months of the year, so you will need a cooling system to keep you comfortable at home or at the workplace.

The Pros of Having an AC System

An air conditioning system can cool your home to the desired temperature on demand. These systems have automated controls that maintain a constant indoor temperature effortlessly. This means that you do not need to get up to turn the AC on or off as required. While opening the windows when the temperature inside the house rises to uncomfortable levels can help improve home comfort, this is not always an effective option. After all, the temperature outside might be higher than indoor temperature. That's where air conditioners become useful.

Modern homes and business premises are not designed with high ceilings and large windows, so opening the windows during a hot summer day or night will not help you. Since productivity at work and home comfort reduces when temperatures are high, installing an AC unit might be a great idea.

Modern air conditioning systems are designed to be energy efficient. They are much more effective in cooling spaces, but consume less energy, which is great news for the environment and power companies, which are worried about peak demand during hot summer days.

The Cons

The only cons of air conditioning are the high installation cost and the peak energy demand during hot days. There is a fear that on hot days, everybody who has an AC system will turn it on, and this will lead to peak energy demand on the grid. As a result, the grid may not be able to keep up. The counter argument for this argument is that the installed energy generation capacity in the country should be increased instead of trying to control consumer behaviours.

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