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Top Interior Design Firms Melbourne

July 18, 2017
Top Interior Design Firms Melbourne

The city of Melbourne is regarded as something of a cultural capital.

Known for its rooftop bars, tiny cafés and iconic street art laneways, Melbourne is a dynamic, cosmopolitan city that appeals to free spirits of all ages.

With its European heritage, the urban landscape is characterised by a stylish mix of new apartment complexes, beautiful heritage buildings and period style homes. The diverse, charming neighbourhoods, and stylish, cultured atmosphere of the city have produced and attracted some serious design talent.

Here we present a few of our favourite Melbourne interior design firms.


Adele Bates

Adele Bates’ principles are those of quality, custom design and timeless nature. The studio delivers individual design from conception and design development through to documentation and final construction.

The team at Adele Bates take a holistic approach to every project, and aim to synthesise aesthetic sensibility and practical objectives in their designs.

View Adele Bates


Atticus & Milo

Atticus & Milo, established in 2001 by Design Director Caecilia Potter, aim to respond to the stories inherent in each brief - from the people to the site to the idea and its' execution.

At the core of the practice is mutual respect for people and the environment, and each member of the Atticus & Milo team bring their unique perspective, knowledge and experience to solve problems and find the opportunities inherent in design challenges.

View Atticus & Milo


Carr Design Group

Carr Design Group, led by Sue Carr, have operated for over 40 years. The studio have a collaborative and engaging design process, ultimately underpinned by mutual respect and trust. Fundamental to the culture of Carr is the ethos to innovate and push for perfection.

View Carr Design Group


Chelsea Hing

Chelsea Hing opened her eponymous studio in 2007, and since then has built a reputation for strong technical skill and a richly layered aesthetic. Every interior Chelsea Hing creates is hallmarked by her simple design ethos; that a beautiful interior can be life changing.

View Chelsea Hing


Christopher Elliot Design

Drawing on 20 years’ experience in a range of artistic mediums, Christopher Elliott launched his eponymous design service in 2005. Working with building and industry professionals, Christopher Elliot Design provide a holistic approach to interior design.

The boutique design firm offer concept-to-completion service. Their philosophy is to harmonise materials, eras, styles and colours to create timeless modern designs with precise, detailed execution.

View Christopher Elliot Design


David Hicks

The team at David Hicks employs a holistic design philosophy, guiding clients through every step; and regarding the three elements of the built environment – architecture, interior design and decoration – as one.

Known for his attention to detail and love of craftsmanship, David Hicks himself provides overall creative direction on every project.

View David Hicks


Fiona Lynch

With over 20 years experience, director Fiona Lynch leads a multidisciplinary team with expertise in architecture and interior design. The studio takes an artistic approach to interior design; and hallmarks of the firms practice are inventive use of space, materials and custom detail.

View Fiona Lynch


Flack Studio

Launched in 2014 by David Flack, Flack Studio is guided by an approach that is focused on listening, translating, and inspiring people.

The team believe that taking themselves too seriously undermines the creation of a warm and inviting space, and paramount to their execution is the importance of having fun.

View Flack Studio


Hecker Guthrie

The work of Hecker Guthrie is driven by the principles of authenticity, consideration and enthusiasm.

Under the direction of Paul Hecker and Hamish Guthrie, the studio’s approach is to create a unique identity for each project; and this authenticity resonates in their design solutions.

View Hecker Guthrie.


Meme Design

Meme Design is an architecture and interior design studio directed by designer Megan Hounslow and designer/architect Melanie Beynon.

The team at Meme Design work closely with their clients to create contemporary, finely crafted and customised spaces that celebrate materials, finishes, life, friends, family and individuality.

View Meme Design


MIM Design

Mim Design’s philosophy is to produce unique and individual results that not only reflect their clients or their brand, but also enhance their lives.

Guided by founder and managing director Miriam Fanning, the team share expertise and inspiration through a wide range of skills. The studio adopts a collaborative approach, favouring client involvement and collaboration with associated consultants to produce highly tailored and personalised projects.

View MIM Design


Spinzi Design

The team at Spinzi Design, led by Founder and Head Designer Tommaso Spinzi, specialise in Modern Eclectic designs. They aim to create timeless, one of a kind spaces; and use natural textures and materials to bring together eclectic fusions of contrasting cultures and time periods.

View Spinzi Design

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We would like to thank our guest writer Annabel Foster for creating this directory of Australian Interior Designers for us.

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