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Industrial Modern Kitchen Style

February 17, 2015
Industrial Modern Kitchen Style

We are excited by the fusion of the industrial modern design style and no more so than how the design style is applied to this stunning apartment's kitchen and dining areas. We take a look at why the industrial modern design style works so well and, how you can achieve this look for your very own kitchen!

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Why It Works

  • Concrete - the perfect material that is equally industrial looking as it is modern. The concrete helps ground the over look and feel to this apartment and coupled with the fact that the walls are unembellished, makes for a very stylish interior.

  • Exposed Pipes & Metal Air Vents - this emphasizes the industrial look and feel to the space. By incorporating a lovely aqua tone to a section of the piping, the eye is drawn upwards and gives the impression of more space within the area. By embracing this exposed pipe look, it also means no need for further bulkheads which would have made the space feel more enclosed and not nearly as spacious.

  • Sleek Modular Cabinetry - the design of the cabinetry stylishly divides the space into different living areas however, doesn't feel enclosing. The high gloss white finish reflects and in turn, brings more light and movement to the space. What really works about this cabinetry is also the fact that the line is not interrupted with door hardware, further accentuating the modern, sleekness of this interior.

  • Open Shelves - installed on the wall using thin, similar tone material as the darker patterns in the tile, really helps enforce both the industrial and modern element of this design style.

  • Timber - both on the adjoining living room walls and incorporated in the dining table, brings warmth to the space in a sleek, modern way.

  • Pattern Tiles - these are an adventurous choice however, coupled with such restrained selections of the other materials used within the space, they create interest and movement to the interior without being overwhelming. The colour palette of the tiles allows the patterns to be the key feature to the interior.

  • Glass Pendant Lights - the transparency of the selected pendant lights are the perfect choice for this industrial modern interior. They are a subtle inclusion that works beautifully with the patterns in the tiles as they don't compete, they complement with the texture of the glass.

Industrial Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for your home

Industrial Modern Kitchen Designs

What We Love

Who said tiles have to finish in a sharp, clean line? We love how the hexagonal shape of the tiles are emphasized by the contrast of the tiles striking pattern meeting the polished concrete walls and floors. This tile application of not finishing the laying in a straight line, creates further interest in the melting together of the two design styles of industrial and modern.

We love how the timber dining table extends seamlessly to form part of the kitchen benchtop. With the restriction of space, this clever design solution allows the owners more convenient benchtop for preparation if required. Furthermore, the design of the dining table almost appears as if it's floating again, creating a lightness to the space. The fact that it's also long and thin, rather than shorter and wide, elongates the space and provides wonderful perspective.

The two coloured chairs complement the dinning table design perfectly as they are not bulky and, further help create the feeling of space.

Industrial Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Style Crush? Get The Look With An Industrial Modern Kitchen

Loving the industrial modern style as much as we are? Then, shop the look below! From the gorgeous feature tiles to the elegant and textured glass jar pendants - you can bring this look to life in your very own kitchen renovation.

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