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Industrial Meets Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas

July 21, 2014
Industrial Meets Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas

It’s cool, calm and thoughtfully collected. It’s often stark yet soft and pared-back. It’s white, black and textural. It's Industrial meets Rustic. It’s an enviable quality; to have a home that is completely new and modern but has the “we live here” worn in look. But by cleverly infusing the industrial and rustic styles together, your home too can achieve that “industrial chic” look.

Whilst a purely industrial look can be quite harsh and stark, mixing in some naturally rustic elements like an aged pendant light, old world cooker and some well-loved flooring can really make an industrial space look warm and homely. Here are some quick tips on how you can achieve the industrial meets rustic look:

Think industrial.

  • For the colour theme think black, white and greys.
  • For the materials think ceramic, concrete and glass.
  • For the textures think of wire, rough bricks and cracked finishes.

Think rustic.

  • For the colour theme think of mismatched whites and timbers.
  • For the materials think of reclaimed timber, aged glass and rough timber floors.

When all of these elements are combined they create both a cool and warm space.

Industiral meets rustic kitchen style

We were inspired by this kitchen that mixes these elements together.

Take a look below to see how you can achieve this interior design look in your home.

And remember; keep adding to and accessorising your space.

Adding some quirky and rustic accessories and even some vintage style cookware (we’re looking at all those dreamy Le Creuset pots in there!) will really tie the space together.


The hallmark of industrial style lighting is the bare light bulb. You can introduce a warmer element to the space by going for an Edison Light Bulb with a warm filament. The Funnel Pendant is also synonymous with industrial design. Its simplicity makes it the perfect modern pendant. Opt for a white finish to keep it cool and simple or why not try this black funnel pendant with a light crack through it. The cracked finish gives it an aged and well-loved look.

Alt text

Liquid Lighting, Industrial Edison Bulbs Lamp

Alt text

About Space, Reform A Glass Pendant Light

Alt text

Miles Oliver Special Edition Funnel Pendant

Kitchen Essentials

Keep your kitchen essentials simple, but make sure each piece has character; whether it’s a unique texture or finish, or perhaps a vintage design. The white fireclay kitchen sink is a design that is both classically beautiful yet extremely simple.

Alt text

Wignells, Shaws Classic Double 800 Sink

Choosing a freestanding stove like the AGA Cooker brings a little bit of old world charm into an industrial kitchen. By going with white, you can keep within the stark monochromatic tones of industrial design.

Alt text

AGA S-Series Six-Four White

However you can add a little bit of personality by going with an AGA Cooker in Duck Egg Blue or Purple to really add some rustic charm to your kitchen. Some traditional style tapware in a chrome or brass finish will bring that rustic element into your kitchen, especially when paired with a fireclay sink. A Panel Radiator is the perfect way to keep your industrial meets rustic kitchen warm as it both blends into its surroundings whilst still being an attractive and rustic addition.

Subway Tiles

The first thing you would think of when imaging an industrial interior is the classic subway tile. Traditionally, subway tiles were finished in white gloss and with a contrasting grout in grey or black.

Alt text

TileMarket, White Gloss 100X300 Subway Tile

For a softer, more charming look, you could opt to go for a textured subway tile with white grout.


One of the most beautiful features of an industrial meets rustic kitchen is bringing together extremely harsh elements like concrete with beautifully soft elements like timber. Depending upon which look you want to achieve will impact your choice of benchtop. Opt for a Concrete Grey benchtop for that modern look but be sure to balance it out with natural accessories and other finishes. If you’re looking for a more rustic element, a timber benchtop will bring that beautiful recycled and reclaimed look into your kitchen.

Alt text

DBC Centre, Caesarstone Classico Oyster


Keep it simple! The key to achieving the perfect floor is to choose a floor that has that “I’ve seen years of the bottom of people’s shoes” look. A whitewash or limewash on your timber floors will help you achieve that look. You could even opt for a soft grey if you don’t think a white floor can withstand the rigours of family life. If you love the look of aged timber flooring but not the price tag, there are some fantastic vinyl timber look flooring options on the market.

Alt text

E-Flooring, Inovar Ice Age Luxury Timber Vinyl Tiles

And if you want a floor that’s virtually indestructible, then try Pangaea’s Polished Concrete Veneer floor. It’s easy to install and is perfect for that industrial look.

Exposed Brick

If you’re thinking, we want to try this industrial meets rustic look out but aren't ready to go all the way, why not start with some Exposed Brick Wallpaper? This is the easiest and simplest way to get that industrial meets rustic look in your home.

Structural Beams

Structural beams are reminiscent of industrial warehouses with their high ceilings. To add this look to your home, try timber beams for a natural element. Timber will add warmth to your space and really soften the stark black and white tones associated with industrial design.