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The Collection, Industrial Loft

November 08, 2015
The Collection, Industrial Loft

Who says you have to live in an industrial zone to live in a stylish New York style loft look? Don't be fooled, this look isn't just for apartment living. Our Industrial Loft Collection is about embracing the 'defaults' in your home and displaying them with pride! Turn that drab wall into an exposed brink wall with statement art that would inspire any Manhattan fashionista. This look is raw, edgy but has a classical appeal as well. Half eclectic, half historic this look works great in any home or apartment. Try this at home by combining soft their armchairs with a bookshelf filled with books and chrome finished objects. Exposed Edison light bulb add a level of drama and help enhance the history of your home.

rsz industrial style white brick walls white hanging egg chair


"The industrial look doesn't have to be cold, add comfort and charm by choosing plush hand woven rugs on your concrete floors, whilst balancing your open windows with sheer, soft and billowing curtains in white or pale pink" Elizabeth | Editorial Co-ordinator


rsz exposed brick living room idustrail  loft

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