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Alisa & Lysandra, Industrial Dining Room Style

January 05, 2015
 Alisa & Lysandra, Industrial Dining Room Style

Alisa & Lysandra - The Industrial Dining Room Reveal

Sometimes styling restraint can have far more drama and impact than a more excessive approach.

This week, Alisa and Lysandra step us through a dining room with an element of raw. The concrete pendant lighting, the brickwork wallpaper and cow hide give this room a paired back simplicity.

IMG 8880

The result is a dining room in which you genuinely want to entertain. You want to lay the table with dishes of delectable morsels and bountiful glasses of fine wine. You want your family and friends to gather here and enjoy the pleasures of grazing and the fun of banter.

IMG 8914

Here the twins also introduce us to the art of placing in sets of three, and the visually pleasing affect this has. They’re not afraid to go bold – this dining room eschews finicky detail and instead goes for a smaller number of big ticket items. But there’s an art in knowing when to stop, and Alisa & Lysandra show us where to draw the line for the dining room.

Put the recipe book on hold for just a minute, dish yourself up a little antipasto, and pull up a seat at the dining room table.

IMG 8917