Indoor Lighting Types

January 30, 2014
Indoor Lighting Types

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of your home renovation. It creates a mood, an ambience and allows you to complete your everyday tasks.

A good quality lighting design plan will bring together ambient lighting, feature lighting and decorative lighting without sacrificing the functional lighting of the home.

Many of us are use to the single pendant or ceiling light in the middle of the room, but there are so many more lighting options which will better suit your lighting needs.


A Chandelier is a decorative ceiling mounted light fixture. They range from beautifully ornate designs to extremely simple and modern designs. Whichever you choose, a Chandelier will be a stunning feature to your room.

Childrens Lights

A Childrens Light can be any type of light decorated in way you like. Use cartoon prints on a lampshade or floral designs on a hanging pendant, the options are endless. Just keep it cute and fun!


One of the most popular choices on the market, Downlights are an extremely versatile lighting option. Sleek and modern, Downlights wont sacrifice functionality. Create the ambience you desire with either fixed or adjustable Downlights, as well as incorporating a dimmer for that subdued look.

Flush Lights

Flush Ceiling Mounted Lights are the perfect option for rooms with low stud heights and smaller spaces such as toilets and bathrooms. They sit level with the ceiling and are a space saving device with a decorative ability.

LED Strip Lighting

LED strip lighting is an ideal option for those looking for concealed lighting. Illuminate your cupboards, jewellery, clothes racks… the list is endless. LED strip lighting type of light that is made up of a series of LEDs in a strip.

Pendant Lights

Another extremely popular lighting option is the Pendant Light. These lights are an particularly versatile option, providing both ambient and directional lighting. Pendants come in an enormous range of sizes, colours and designs. There is a Pendant Light to suit every need!

Picture Lights

Why hang a beautiful piece of art if you’re not going to be able to see it? Picture lights will illuminate your artwork and make it the feature it deserves to be. Picture lights attach to the frame or the wall and are available in various lengths and finishes.

Sensor Lights

Sensor Lights will keep your hallways, and any spaces used commonly in the dark light as soon as you walk in. There will be no need to trip over yesterday’s shopping in the hallway on the way to the bathroom with Sensor Lights!


You get to choose what to illuminate when using a Spotlight. The Spotlight can be either a subtle lighting option or can be a feature in a striking colour or design.

Stair Lights

Stair Lights are perfect for stair wells or anywhere in the home where low-level lighting is needed. These lights are subtle in their finish and design.

Track Lights

Track lighting has now become an extremely popular choice to achieve that modern look. Perfect to accent objects or to work under a directional task light, Track Lights are a contemporary lighting option not to be overlooked.

Vanity Lights

Make the horrifying task of looking in your bathroom mirror every morning a superstar experience with Vanity Lighting. Choose from subtle to striking lighting options to achieve whichever look you like.

Wall Lights & Sconces

Subtle and practical but with the option of being extremely stylish, Wall Lights are a fantastic lighting alternative. These lights provide an up-light or down-light option to illuminate any room.