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How to Incorporate Vintage Decor into Your Home

October 19, 2017
How to Incorporate Vintage Decor into Your Home

Usually, the opinions and tastes are divided between modern and vintage. Some people tend to modernize their homes and keep them simple, while others like decorating with some rustic and vintage elements. However, for those of you who love both of these styles, there is a way to bring those two opposites together. The only thing to watch out for is not to make the space look tacky, and here is how you can do it.

Start small

The best way to successfully mix old and new designs is to start small. Dig through the old boxes that used to belong to your parents and grandparents and fill your home with some old “found” objects. Mementos and heirlooms will instantly make your home more interesting and can serve as great conversation topics for your guests. If you like keeping plants inside, you should provide them with some old planters you can easily find in vintage and antique stores and you will surely find something that catches your interest. Additionally, if you have several small vintage items that you want to proudly show off, you can easily designate a whole shelf to those sets and create a rustic corner in your home.

Mix furniture


In order to create a mixed design that won’t show clear signs of old and new clashing, you should blend old furniture in with the new one. You probably have some bigger furniture pieces that have been in your family for ages, but they still serve their purpose. In order to contrast them, you can invest in a modern simple coffee table or a new sofa with sleek lines. As soon as you start mixing, you will notice how easily these two designs can match each other. You may have to do some upgrades in finish or hardware, but the final result certainly is worth it.

Don’t be afraid of color

Most modern homes have clean lines and neutral colors. Walls are usually white and even though that trend is hot and pleasing, you will need something to break the monotony. That’s when some vintage elements can come in handy. You can create an accent wall with some vintage bold wallpaper and bring character into your home. Also, you can invest in bold patterned floor rugs that will warm up the atmosphere and make a contrast to light colors of the walls. Another possibility is filling your shelves with some vintage figurines, plates and cups and putting them on display. These will instantly change the dynamics of the room and break the monotony of the modern design. Similarly, you can add brightly colored fabric to your decor in a form of wall art, area rugs, cushions and throw pillows.

Add some details to the kitchen


The kitchen as well can easily be filled with vintage details. However, these details are not only about the look. There are some pieces of cookware that will perform better as they get older. For example, cast iron pans become better with time since food sticks less as they get older. However, if you wish, you can also hang them on the wall or display them on a shelf as part of your vintage décor. Similarly, you can use copper dishes both as décor and everyday utensils. Copper is an excellent heat conductor and it’s perfect for whipping egg whites. Also, its shine and color bring warmth into the space and can easily fit into any possible design. Additionally, you can switch from plastic chopping boards to wooden ones, which will create a rustic feel.

DIY vintage furniture


If you have plenty of furniture pieces that are neither old nor new, you can create your own vintage look. For example, you can refurbish a sofa or an armchair with some new interesting patterns, such as the floral one, and make it look new but rustic. A semi-old dresser can easily be upgraded. You can pick a new color for it, make some patterns and replace the hardware. Depending on the details and patterns you choose, the dresser can look modern or vintage; the choice is yours. The same goes for any piece of furniture, from sofas to dining chairs or coffee tables; all you have to do is unleash your creativity.

Even though it might seem impossible, modern and vintage designs go hand in hand. The simplicity of modern design can easily be elevated with vintage details and bolder colors, and the end result is a stunning warm home.

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