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The Importance of Art at Home

May 08, 2019
The Importance of Art at Home

People discuss my art and pretend to understand as it if it were necessary to understand, when it's simply necessary to love ~ Claude Monet

I’ll never forget a painting that my aunt once had. It took prime position, centre stage above the sofa in her living room. It was an oil painting flanked by a large ornate brass frame.

The scene within the painting depicted a magical landscape; a dainty pathway winding through a luscious forest led to a sparkling lake highlighted by warm rays of sunlight setting over misty snow-capped mountains in the distance. I used to become mesmerised by that painting.

I would sit and stare into it until I could see myself wandering through the woods down to the lake’s edge. It was bliss, pure escapism and absolute treat for the imagination.

Since first admiring this painting at the tender age of 8, that image has become ingrained into my mind, and still to this day it is crystal clear. I have encountered thousands of artworks from abstracts, to still life’s, to portraits, to 3-dimensional works such as Damian Hirst’s ‘Shark’ which have all been exceptionally impressive but not one of them has had the same profound effect, or lasting impression on me as the one my aunt held so dear.

It’s this feeling of wonder brought about by an artwork which is the very reason that every individual should have art in their lives, and no home should be without it. Having previously worked as an art consultant for 5 star hotels has taught me that art should help to create a sense of place, it should evoke an emotion and be admired and appreciated by those who encounter it.

Too often artwork is considered at the end of a project, once all the finishes and furnishing have been accounted for one then tends to turn to art, almost as an after thought.

It’s so important to consider art from the onset of a project. Design and art go hand-in-hand and in some instances the art can be the starting point for the rest of an interior design scheme. ~ Sarah | Interior Designer

The Importance of Artwork in the Home

The beauty of selecting artwork for your home is that there are not hard and fast rules. Sure there are some factor’s to consider (which we will review shortly), however, at the end of the day an artwork should speak to you. Art should express one's personal style and identity but above all it should bring a sense of happiness, excitement, inspiration and delight.

Art brings beauty and sophistication to our surroundings and helps to define a space. Without it your home can be missing a very important piece of the puzzle and choosing the right type of art can make all the difference to an interior. ~ Sarah | Interior Designer

The Importance of Artwork in the Home 4

Before purchasing any artworks, ask yourself the following questions:

• Does the piece resonate with you?

• Does the artwork have presence and make a statement?

• Will the artwork complement and enhance the home and not distract or compete with the rest of the interior?

• Will the colours work back with the interior finishes and furnishings or will they clash?

• Does the scale of the piece suits the proportions of the room you wish to place it in?

• Does the cost meet your budget?

Try not to become overwhelmed when choosing art, yes there are literally hundreds of options, but just remember that art is a personal choice. Take your time, learn what you like, then consider it in your space and most importantly enjoy the process! Before you know it you will have found the right piece that fits your home perfectly, that you can get lost in too!

Below are a few of our favourite artworks to help you get started on your search fot the perfect artwork.

The Importance of Artwork in the Home  2

Artwork Prints

The Importance of Artwork in the Home 3


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