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Ignoring Background Colour Clashes

January 30, 2014
Ignoring Background Colour Clashes

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If you’re starting your home redecoration with a clear colour scheme in mind, you either need to incorporate your existing scheme or be prepared to undertake significant work.

Whatever your conclusion, have a colour scheme in mind before you start shopping for furniture and be prepared to stick firmly to it. Follow these tips to help make your decision.

What is your current colour scheme?

When you’re beginning to redecorate begin by evaluating the existing colour schemes of every room in your space. Is your lounge or living room painted in light tones? Then let the furniture you choose work with this. Is the office done in bold and clean colours? Echo this with a sharp desk, cabinet and a modern chair.

Walls and Soft Furnishings

The walls of your home are your bare bones. They can dominate or dictate your overall colour scheme. It’s often wise to begin with a neutral base but if you’re unable or unwilling to change the existing colour, then you’ll need to work in with this.

The curtains and soft furnishings are not something that you will want to or plan to change often- this is a time consuming and often expensive undertaking.

So often it’s the furniture that needs to be able to mesh with your existing colour scheme - and not the other way around!

Fixtures and Artwork

If the clash is coming from a movable fixture like a piece of art or other wall covering, think about whether you would be prepared to move it and what this would entail.

Some rooms that aren't always on display, like your TV Room, can make an excellent home for artwork that might not work in more conspicuous places like your dining room. If you have something you love that isn't fitting in with your desired colour scheme, try fitting it into your bedroom - a place where you can always enjoy it.

Take Samples With You

As with dimensions, memory can also be shaky when it comes to colours and shades. Bring as much as you can with you to help you make a decision. Bring swatches of fabric, of paint - don’t rely on photos which can give an inaccurate record of colours. Along with samples, as always, make sure that you've taken all the necessary measurements, and have these with you. As you measure, taking a note of each measurement in your smart phone is a great way to make sure you have an accurate record.

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