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Icon By Design - The Answer to your Interior Design Dreams 

November 15, 2016
Icon By Design - The Answer to your Interior Design Dreams

The process of buying furniture can often be a daunting and time consuming activity. Where do you begin? How can you be certain this piece will complement that piece, or that they are good quality? And most importantly, how can you pull all of these items together successfully without blowing the budget?

We are continually exposed to exquisite products through renovation T.V shows and glossy interior design magazines so our expectations are high, however, these looks can often be unattainable if you don’t have an exquisite budget to match.

If this sounds all too familiar, don’t worry, there is a solution, and it doesn’t involve appointing an interior designer. We would like to share a secret with you, and their name is Icon by Design.

This furniture company is the answer to all of your interior design prayers! Whether you’re looking to furnish a whole house or find your "perfect piece" to put the finishing touches to your home renovation then, you've found it.

Icon by Design was created to help bring interior design dreams to life, with their commitment to source top-quality, beautifully crafted furniture at genuinely affordable prices, that don’t compromise on style when it comes to price.

They produce a range of over 300+ hand-picked pieces defined by an aesthetic of clean lines, use of sustainable materials, premium quality craftsmanship at an unbeatable price point, all on display at their gorgeous new flagship store in Sydney.

Conveniently located at the Supa Centa in Moore Park, their brand new showroom has been designed to bring you an exceptional shopping experience – one that takes away any uncertainty or doubt when it comes to choosing furniture. It’s a beautiful, inspiring space filled with many gorgeous and functional design ideas.

The team at Icon by Design assist their customers to shop with confidence, by providing exceptional service and expert advice to help them get the look for less. Their mission is to make your dream interior possible.

Icon By Design Furniture  2

We were so thrilled to discover Icon By Design we contacted co-founder David Light find out more about what customers can expect when they shop with Icon By Design. Here's what he shared with us, prepare to be impressed.

What do you offer your customers?

Timeless, modern design. Timeless design is the core to product selection and sourcing – by this we mean that our customers will still be happy with their purchase in 10 years time – parallels regarding timeless design are George Jensen, Scandinavian designers, etc. We feel that this combined with our exceptional customer service, differentiates us from other retailers.

What is your company most proud of?

Our high-end craftsmanship and quality. We have selected suppliers based on their ability to produce excellent craftsmanship – well made, commercial quality, designed to last decades, not years.

You offer unbeatable prices and value. How do you achieve this?

Our direct sourcing model allows us to cut out the middlemen – no premium for the brand owner, and no local wholesaler. We are therefore able to deliver exceptional value, and unbeatable prices which we pass on to our customers. Furthermore, we offer a 20% discount on pre-orders and 6 months interest free financing, which makes the purchase of bigger ticket items easier.

What is the company’s design aesthetic?

Our current focus is Scandinavian inspired modern Australian design that is very clean looking. Using solid wood construction, our collections are designed to work back beautifully with each other and to naturally adapt to our customers homes.

Colour is always an interesting consideration. Our most popular colours are shades of grey, with orange and turquoise also selling well. We often recommend neutral colours for the sofas, using accessories to inject colour into the scheme.

Icon By Design Furniture Showroom

Icon By Design Furniture  3

Icon By Design Furniture Showroom

Our homes are invested with our passions and our personalities. So much creativity goes into making a home beautiful and meaningful. For many of us, this is an ardent pursuit. It’s easy to see that Icon By Design understand this desire, and realise that it can be tricky to find great furniture at the right price. As such, they offer timeless furniture you can afford to love – It’s that simple.

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