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Hunt Furniture 

December 10, 2014
Hunt Furniture

Max Hunt’s collection of commercial and residential furniture speaks for itself.

There’s very little I can write that isn’t immediately evident upon seeing his pieces – impeccably modern, an exquisite regard for detail, but overall a lovely simplicity that is just so elegant. Hunt Furniture design the sort of pieces that become quality statements in cafes and bars, or sophisticated stand-outs in the home.

An industrial designer, Max loves the scale that furniture can deliver. It covers almost the gamut; from architecture-sized pieces right down to the detail of fine jewellery. This is just part of what excites him about the creative process.

Here is a craftsman who might come up with an idea in the shower, hurriedly drawing the concept on a fogged-up shower screen before taking it to the sketch pad, to the computer and maybe even to the workshop all in the same day. Keeping the ideas fresh and the process rapid is what keeps Max interested, and Hunt Furniture interesting.

Don’t take our word for it - Mantra Hotel, Westfield Group, Casa Rio, Greenheart Espresso, Mckinn Architects, and Devon Café are just some of the names that have come to Max for part of their fit-outs.

Hunt Furniture usually sees two new ranges launch a year, although Max is open to taking on bespoke projects. Otherwise, his staple includes stunning stools, garment racks, tables, entertainment system storage units and more.

But what’s really different about Hunt is the regard Max has for his bigger backyard.

Sure – many brands (particularly in the furniture world) will talk about sourcing locally and working with immediately indigenous materials. Max is no different in this respect (the majority of materials comprise regionally salvaged timber), but his social conscious extends beyond the environment.

Everything about Hunt Furniture is local. In Max’s words, “I want to be able to jump on my bike, or get in my car, and not go very far at all in order to reach anyone who is helping me out to produce my furniture,” he says.

This is a designer who recognises that the Halcyon days of certain industries – such as motor manufacturing – are over. Individuals will need to reinvent themselves (and recalibrate their talent) if their craft is to remain valid. From where Max stands, the industrial design world could be a beacon for such individuals, as well as for his industry. Max seeks out these skilled labourers, encouraging them to turn their forte to elements of furniture application.

It’s a win-win result – individuals remain employed and industrial designers benefit from an incredible depth of manufacturing expertise and experience. Furniture with style and social conscience; we love it.


While we had him, we asked Max for his top five tips for choosing the right furniture for your home.

  1. Fall all in love with the piece and build your room around it!
  2. Learn about the maker and the process so it becomes a part of your family. It's all about the story
  3. think about the big picture and how that piece could adapt to your changing life style.
  4. Picture the piece of furniture you like in a room 50 years ago. Does it work? If it looks good in the past hopefully it will look good in the future.
  5. shop small

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