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Hudson Furniture - Hand-Made Furniture

September 27, 2016
Hudson Furniture - Hand-Made Furniture

If you really want your home to stand out from the crowd, Hudson Furniture offers a wide range of hand-made mahogany products that can give your interior a sleek, modern and unique look. They also have a team of visionary designers and adept craftsmen who can help you bring an idea out of your head and into the real world, creating a piece of furniture that suits your personality and impresses your guests.

Hudson Furniture is a family run business that is based in Sydney, with a factory of highly skilled woodworkers in Java, Indonesia. The company have been sculpting precious mahogany into exquisite pieces of furniture for almost 10 years. Their furniture is perfect for the bedroom, office, dining room and lounge room. Hudson Furniture's website showcases a range of their pieces, including beds, tables, sofas and much more.

If you can't find what you have been looking for in their gorgeous catalogue of furniture, you don't need to despair, because they can also make custom pieces exactly how you want them. They have a capable team of designers and master craftsmen who can work with your ideas, designs or drawings to build you exactly what you want. Their experts work with each customer to come up with a plan that works for everyone's needs. It is then followed closely to make sure that the final piece of furniture is exactly what the customer wanted.

Each piece of Hudson Furniture starts as a sapling in their sustainable Javanese plantations. Swietenia Macrophylla, a species that produces the highest grade mahogany, was planted there by the Dutch hundreds of years ago. Using these plantations means that each piece of furniture you order comes from a renewable and environmentally-friendly source, without any old-growth forest being harmed.

Whether you want a custom made piece or one of Hudson Furniture's more classic options, the perfect timber will be selected, then dried in the kilns for 12 days. After this, the wood is rested until it is in the best condition to begin carving. Pieces are cut to size and then worked by hand with chisels and gouges. The craftsmen hand-make the intricate details that go into each piece of Hudson Furniture, so customer's get a luxurious item that comes with the artisan quality of skilled professionals. Things are made exactly as you want them, then a hand-finishing process helps to bring out the gorgeous look of the natural grains.

You can peruse Hudson Furniture's beautiful designs on their website to get an idea for the style and quality that they are renowned for. If you find something that suits you perfectly, you can order it online, by giving them a call or by visiting their warehouse in Sydney. If you want to arrange for them to build you a custom piece or even just ask some questions, you can contact them in the same ways.

Each item that Hudson Furniture design and manufacture brings together a combination of excellent quality workmanship, the finest materials, durability, great value and gorgeous aesthetics. If you want a stunning piece that you will be able to pass onto your children, you definitely need to consider Hudson Furniture as your furniture retailer.