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Colour your Kitchen with Morphy Richards - the Easy Way

July 15, 2016
Colour your Kitchen with Morphy Richards - the Easy Way

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to add colour, vibrancy and a sense of whimsy to your kitchen, the most simple and inexpensive way to do so is by introducing unexpected splashes of colour or pattern by way of your appliances!

The Kitchen is considered the heart of the home and with all of the cooking, creating and entertaining that takes place it can become quite the playground, so why shouldn’t it convey an element of fun?

When it comes to styling, the kitchen tends to be the last room in the home to be addressed in terms of introducing decorative accents to highlight and complete the space. Generally the sight lines of a kitchen are kept minimal and the palette is kept neutral. However, bringing colour or pattern into this area can stimulate the senses and greatly enhance ones mood. Colour arouses the appetite and encourages creativity and it’s so important to be inspired in a space where a lot of time is spent crafting delicious dishes.

If you are looking to update your kitchen quickly and easily, you will love the new range of coloured appliances recently launched by Morphy Richards. The collection includes a stunning, top quality series of toasters and kettles that will add an understated but much needed splash of colour or even pattern to the kitchen!

The team at House of Home are just in love with the monochromatic Aspect range; with its sleek lines, and the pop of colour in the base. Or the range of awesome on trend colours in the Accents range. Our absolute favourite though, is the Prism range – with the facetted geometric finish. If you appreciate great design and quality, you will love these products!

MR 2

This is a solution that’s not only uniquely decorative, but also functional and can be easily incorporated into any style of kitchen. More importantly, the Morphy Richards range is built to last! Their kettles are tested rigorously to ensure that they’ll last well beyond the two year warranty period. Amazingly, each kettle is boiled 10,000 times. That’s enough to make your cups of tea and coffee for the next 27 years!

Introducing these unique, small but bold, pops of pattern or colour will help to bring a playful mood to the kitchen and create the perfect atmosphere for cooking and entertaining!

MR 3

Feeling inspired and ready to colour up your kitchen? Visit Morphy Richards to view their beautiful collections.