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How to Store Wine without a Cellar

July 20, 2017
How to Store Wine without a Cellar

Let’s be honest, for centuries drinking good wine has been and continues to be one of many people's favourite pastimes.

Whether you have an interest in the art of wine making or not, most of us do have a great appreciation for the taste of wine and for the experience of enjoying a glass among friends. There’s nothing more satisfying a glass of red or white in the evening with a nice meal, or popping the cork off a bottle of bubbly to celebrate a special occasion.

Choosing Wine

When it comes to choosing wine, there's many types at various price points in an assortment of vintages. One would expect that the more money spent on a bottle of wine, the better it will taste. Disappointingly, this isn’t the case.

You may be surprised to learn that the flavour of even the most expensive of wines can be dramatically affected if not stored and served at the right temperature. Meaning that bottle of wine you recently splurged on may not be delivering the best taste experience possible. Isn’t life too short to not be getting the best from your bottle? The team at House of Home think so!

We believe that wine should be enjoyed to its full capacity. In fact, so much so, that we took our investigations further and sought the expert advice of Matthew Gerard from Grand Cru Wine Fridges.

Matthew is highly knowledgeable in the field of storing wine. He can recite off the top of his head what wine should be stored at what temperature, which glassware is best for serving wine and what food pairings work best with different dishes.

Matthew was kind enough to share his expert insights with us about how to store and serve wine correctly without a cellar. Here's what he shared with us.

Wine Keeping 101

“Wine, unlike spirits, comes with its own set of rules. So much so that I believe it needs to be consumed with the same measure of elegance". Matthew Gerard | Grand Cru Wine Fridges

"There are a few do's that can help improve your experience: Ensure your wine is at the right temperature. If your wine is too cold, you won’t be able to taste the flavours, and it is too warm, your wine may get flat".

White Wine Storage Temperature

"Ideally, white wine should be consumed at 11 degrees Celsius for whites and sparkling wine at six degrees Celsius.

Red Wine Storage Temperature

"Six to 18 degrees Celsius is best for reds. Do allow some red wines to breathe. Open the bottle and keep it still for some time or pour the bottle into a decanter to speed up the process.

You could also simply rotate the wine in your glass to enhance its offerings to you. Wine opens up as it comes into contact with air and releases otherwise hidden aromas".

Wine Serving

"As much as the temperature is important, serving it in the right glassware can change the way this peculiar beverage tastes. When it comes to wine, the shape, size and thickness of the glass matters".

"If you are going to pursue discovering wine, I would recommend spending some money on good glassware. Incorrect glassware can destroy even the best of wines. If you intend to build a collection at home, it would be wise to buy a wine fridge to store your wines at the right temperature.

Do not keep your wines at the back of your cupboard, where they can be subjected to 40-degree heat.” Matthew Gerard | Grand Cru Wine Fridges

Below is a selection of Grand Cru's Wine Storage Fridges.

If you would like to learn more about wine storage and find more tips on how to enjoy wine, visit the Grand Cru blog or visit the Grand Cru website.

We would like to thank Matthew for his expert tips on how to enjoy wine at it's optimal level and have the tastiest wine experience possible.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wish list of products, then be sure to check out our Glassware and Wine Serving product ranges.

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Image Credit: Jonathan Ho