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How to Sell Your Furniture Online

January 30, 2014
How to Sell Your Furniture Online

How to sell furniture Online

When you’re preparing to sell your furniture online, put yourself into the mindset of the buyer. If you were about to buy a furniture piece for your home, what would you like to know?

There are several factors to consider and work through to create a successful listing and make your furniture more attractive to buyers.


The condition of your furniture is very important, and it’s something that you need to be prepared to be completely honest about. Before you think about listing your piece, take a good look at it. Are you planning to sell it ‘as-is’? Or are there some easy repairs that you can make that will significantly increase the price you can sell it for?

Can You Make Repairs?

Make sure your furniture is looking as good as possible. If you’re selling a couch or sofa, have the covers cleaned. If it’s a wooden piece like a table or cabinet, make sure it’s perfectly polished. You may even wish to consider having an older or more worn piece re-sanded and sealed.

Taking Effective Photos

Photos are essential and should be as high quality as possible. You may even wish to consider professional photographs if you’re selling a lot of furniture- it’s an investment which is very likely to pay for itself. If you’re taking the photographs yourself, make sure the lighting is good and the colour appears natural.

Photograph your furniture both as it would be ‘in use’ and bare. If you’re selling an Entertainment Unit, picture it both with the television and units installed and also empty. Show it inside your TV Room or Lounge Room to give the buyers an idea of the scale of the space. If you’re selling a dining table, include a picture of the beautifully set table inside the Dining Room to allow the buyer to picture it in their home.


Providing the most accurate furniture measurements possible prevents any awkwardness later, when you have an interested buyer. Measuring should be done with a tape measure with measurements provided in centimetres. Be prepared to provide any additional measurements your buyers ask for- there may be a specific concern they have.

Descriptive Copy

Injecting some personality into your ad- while still clearly transmitting the necessary information- is a great way to engage with potential buyers. Let buyers know where and how the furniture was used. Was your table used as an office desk or was it used as a coffee table in the living room? Was the bed used in a guest bedroom that didn’t see a lot of use?

Not only will this help to give them an idea about the condition but it might also help them to be creative with their ideas and spark a sale.

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