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How to Sell your Bed

January 30, 2014
How to Sell your Bed

Beds to Sell

When selling a bed, remember that this is a big investment for the buyer and one which it’s important for them to get right. Provide as much relevant information about the furniture that you’re selling as you can.

Buying a bed is highly personal in terms of preference. Think about the long process that you went through to buy a bed- that’s what your potential buyers are doing now. It’s even harder for couples who are often trying to satisfy the requirements of two people with very different sleeping needs!

Measure the Bed

Make sure that if your bed isn’t a standard sized bed, like a kingsize bed or queensize bed that you provide exact measurements. Buyers will most likely be looking to match the size of their existing bed to avoid buying new bedding and bedroom furniture. If you’re selling a non standard sized item, such a a bunk bed or even a sofa bed, make sure you provide measurements for the assembled and partly assembled or unassembled state.

What part of the Bed or Furniture is for Sale

Usually buyers would expect an advertised ‘bed’ to include both the mattress and the bed frame, be sure to be very clear if this isn’t the case. Will you consider selling the mattress and bed frame separately? Make sure your potential buyers know if you are willing to negotiate on this. If you have a number of beds, consider grouping them together. A family relocating may be keen to purchase both a double bed and a single bed. Or if you have bedroom furniture like a bedside table or matching drawers, you may wish to consider including these.

Style of Mattress

When you describe your mattress to potential buyers, pay special attention to the ‘style’ of mattress. Is it firm or soft? Latex or a sprung mattress? Feel free to add a personal touch here- are you feeling because it’s too soft for you? Too hard? Too comfortable and hard to get out of? Infusing a little personality here will make your ad appealing.

History of the Bed

Lastly, let the buyers know if the bed has been in use or has been in storage or in a guest bedroom. This gives some insight into the condition that buyers can expect.

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