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How to Sell a Chair

January 30, 2014
How to Sell a Chair

Chairs designer

Selling a chair or chairs means carefully describing what you have for sale in order to excite buyers and find your chairs a great new owner. Try these tips to make the selling process easy.

Condition of the Chair

When you’re selling a chair be very careful when describing the condition of the frame. This will be an important point for buyers. It will also be helpful for you to let the buyers know how the chairs were used- were they high-traffic kitchen chairs, or barely used formal dining chairs?

Chair Covers or Upholstery

A buyer may be willing to compromise on the condition of the cushion or seat but will need to be sure that the frame will be long lasting. If the upholstery or chair covers aren’t in great condition, don’t be shy about being upfront about this. A buyer might be happy to reupholster a chair or replace the covers if the frame is sturdy, or may even be planning to reupholster to match a colour scheme or curtains.

Set of Chairs

Think carefully about whether you are selling the chairs as a set or individually. Furniture dealers will often offer an individual per-chair price and then a cheaper price for buying a set of four or six chairs. You may not wish to break up your set- and this ensures that future buyers who only want a full set of chairs won’t be put off. But if you have an odd number of chairs- five or seven for example, you may consider it. If the chairs are a set with a table which you’re also selling, you can mention this. You may find buyer who wants to take both the table and chairs.

Style of Chair

If your chairs aren’t designer or made by an easily recognisable ‘name’ do some research and think about their style. If you can describe them as being ‘like’ or ‘in the style of’ a designer, be sure to mention this early in your ad. Make sure to demonstrate this with your photographs- try taking some outdoors so that the chairs are very clearly visible.

Accent Chair
Pash French wing back chair

If you’re selling an ‘Accent Chair’, photography will be even more important. Here you’re dealing with buyers who will generally have very good knowledge of what they’re looking for. It would be wise for you to do some research into the chair that you have and be able to speak very specifically about the chair, any features that guarantee authenticity and any changes (for example, reupholstering) that have occurred since the chair was originally made.

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