How To Select the Right Tap?

October 13, 2014
How To Select the Right Tap?

Anyone looking for new bathroom taps or kitchen tapware in their home will quickly realise there is a world of choice out there. Not only are there different looks, shapes and colours, there are even different purposes when it comes to the world of tapware - selecting a tap can be more complicated than you think!

So before you turn on the tap to all the options, here are some top tips and advice to keep in mind.

1. Tapware That Gives You A Hand?

As odd as it might sound, what will the tap be used for? If for example you’re after a tap for a busy kitchen, then a mixer tap might be the answer. With hot and cold water coming out of the one unit, a mixer is the type of tap that turns on quickly with little fuss. Are you the sort of cook with three things on the go at once? Look for lever handles that can be turned on with an elbow, just in case you literally don’t have a spare hand available!

2. Tapware Accessories

There’s nothing quite like a tap that comes with reinforcements! If your kitchen tap is going to be hard at work lifting grease from dishpans, then consider a tap with a pull out high pressured spray. High pressurised water will help cut through the daily dish grime and then some and, the hose makes it extremely easy to clean larger pots and pans.

3. What Tapware Best Suits You, Solo or Set?

Is a tapware set going to better suit your needs? Looking at sets rather than individual tap items could be a good way to keep the budget in perspective as well as create a consistent look and feel for your room.

4. Tapware For All Interior Styles

There is a tap to suit every home décor, so don’t limit yourself to the usual suspects. If you’re going for old world charm then you might look at classic taps that have traditional features such as Victorian or Edwardian overtones. If you’re more of a minimalist, or your home interior is contemporary, then geometric styling and curved features will turn on your imagination or, try a pop of colour - black taps are a lovely addition to a modern, minimalist bathroom design!

No matter what the room, or what the purpose, there’s a tap that’s just right for your needs and we hope these tips help you find it!

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