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How To Measure A Cabinet Or Dresser

January 30, 2014
How To Measure A Cabinet Or Dresser

Whether you are buying or selling a cabinet or dresser provide measurements that let buyers know whether the unit will fit into their space and also give them the option to think about where in their home it will be suited- whether that is a bedroom, living room or office.

Measuring your Cabinet or Dresser

Measuring most cabinets is a simple process of measuring the length, width and height - always at the widest or highest points.

1. Height: The vertical measurement of the cabinet- from floor to top.

2. Depth: The front to back of the unit.

3. Width: From one side of the cabinet to the other.

You’ll also want to take the dimensions of each drawer- the height, width and depth. When you’re measuring a dresser, these measurements are essentially the same, except that dressers will often have additional features that you don’t see in cabinets. These might include a mirror mounted on the top of the dresser or a decorative shelf or top-piece.

Types of Cabinets or Dressers

Dresser drawers can often have special features- like being specially built to store jewellery. Make sure these features are clearly mentioned along with the dimensions. Corner cabinets or dresser units, require additional measurements because they aren't rectangular. Make sure that when you’re taking measurements for these units that you include the diagonal (from point to point) as well as the lengths of each edge.

If you’re having custom cabinetry installed, it’s really important that the measurements are completely exact. If at all possible, it’s best to have the cabinet maker come and take the measurements to make sure they have what they need.

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